MaryFurr's Travel Photo Diary[Hi! I'm MaryFurr!]

In 1997, I was given a Folkmanis puppet fox toy (right) by my good friend Mike Russell, which arrived while I was working in England. As a result, the fox puppet (who I named 'MaryFurr' after a suggestion from Mike) became my travelling companion, jet-setting around the world with me ever since! Seeing as it is her page, I'd better let her tell her story...

Hello everyone! My name is MaryFurr, and it's really nice to meet you! Terry has been kind enough to let me tell you about my travels on his site on the World Wide Web (gee, sounds messy!), so we'll start at the beginning.

My first trip in July 1997 was not a very picturesque one for me, as I spent it mostly inside a courier bag, first travelling from Orlando, Florida USA to Wellington, New Zealand, then all the way to Watford, England! Oooh, I was glad to get out of the bag after that, I can tell you! I arrived at the office that Terry was working at, and all the people there thought I was really cute! So the first trip I had with Terry was down the Watford High Street back to his hotel. His hotel was nice, the staff at the Watford Hilton National had fun rearranging me and another soft toy Terry had bought (Colleen, a collie dog) during the day while Terry was at work!

Terry took lots of photos of me during our travelling together, and I've asked him to share them with you. The trips I've been on so far are listed below, so you can follow the links to each "diary".

You can click on the thumbnail picture for the full-sized photo in each page.

"MayFurr's Magical Mystery Tour"

1997 - England and Germany

 The "Renards Sans Frontieres" Tour

1998 - France and England

 The "Advanced Australian Fare" Tour

1998 - Melbourne, Australia

[MaryFurr and Ambassador Ferret in Auckland!] Ambassador Ferret and me in Auckland!
(Terry and Bernard Doove's New Zealand trip, Christmas/New Year 1999)

"Tiger Meet 1998" and "A Fistful of Pesos" Tour

1998/1999 - Manila, Republic of the Philippines

I hope you've enjoyed my photos and stories. Look for more photos when Terry and I go travelling again!

[Pawprint] MaryFurr

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