MaryFurr's "MayFurr's Magical Mystery Tour" Album

Being the diary entries by one fox puppet and her human :) Her first adventure spans the globe, England, and the furthestreaches of Germany...

July - December, 1997
This is a picture of all of us plush toys at Watford in August 1997, at the Watford Hilton Hotel. At the top is Colleen the collie (from Berkhemsted), me, then at the bottom there's Bagelfox and a fox ornament (from Derby), and Samuel the bear. Samuel was given to Terry by his wife before he left, unfortunatly a bottle of ink burst in his bag in transit and 'exxonned' poor Samuel. Samuel went back to New Zealand with Colleen in September.

Here is Terry and I at Eurofurence 3, a convention in Germany that we went to in August 1997. It was in a place called Bodstedt, near the Baltic in the eastern part of the former East Germany. Terry has written more about his experience there in his Convention report, why not take a look?

Terry had to go off and see some other people at the con, so here I am looking after the drinks and the copies of fanzines that he took along to show the Euro furry-fans. "South Fur Lands" featured prominently as you can tell from this picture.

Someone left their pad and pencils behind, so I thought I'd try some of this drawing business. It looks easy enough... oh dear, I just can't get to grips with holding the pen in my front paws. Oh well. I'll just practice looking cute instead...

Here I am, still at Eurofurence... this just goes to show what can happen to an innocent fox at a convention. I was sunning myself on the windowledge while Terry was talking to some other furry fans, and when he comes back we both find someone's been playing with my nametag!

Now what on earth does "Will Yiff for Spooge" mean, anyway?!?[I'm not telling! - Ed.]

Here's me and Terry again at Eurofurence. The photo this time was taken by Andreas "H'lven" Schulmayer, a German fellow that Terry met at the con. The weather here as very hot, it got uncomfortable with my fur!

This is me flying back to New Zealand with Terry in September 1997. I had a seat to myself in Business Class on KLM(that's the Dutch national airline), so I was very comfortable. I was quite surprised with seeing the number of people that did fly Business Class, but it was a flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles I suppose.

Colleen stayed behind in New Zealand (she was travelling "baggage class" so that's why she's not in the photo here), and after a few days holiday in Wellington Terry and I were off back to England, landing back in Leeds.

[A fox in a British pub]

[Sign - The Fox]Here I am having a pint of Boddington's Bitter ale in a pub just out of Leeds, Yorkshire. British ale is a bit of an acquired taste I found, but this was rather nice. I liked this pub. Maybe because it was called "The Fox"?

[Changi Airport]

This is me in Singapore Changi Airport in October 1997. You might notice that I'm not looking very happy at the moment... this is because Terry and I were in the middle of a rush trip back to New Zealand for his brother's funeral. Poor Terry had to spend his 30th birthday in the transit lounge here in between flights - 12 hour flights are very exhausting, even for foxes!
While we were waiting for our onward flight to Christchurch from Singapore, we decided to go to the Air New Zealand Business Class Lounge. The receptionist really seemed to like me, and was very keen on the idea of being photographed!

More waiting around in Singapore. I think Terry was getting bored!

We eventually got to New Zealand, and spent three weeks there for the funeral and recovery things. Terry introduced me to his family, and I think I helped them cheer up a bit.

Then, it was back to England again!

Terry and I had to stay in a place in England called Milton Keynes during most of October and November 1997, which was very interesting. By this time, we had been joined by another fox from Nottingham, who was called Robin. Anyway, the hotel staff (the Quality Hotel in Milton Keynes), Robin and I decided to have a joke with Terry, and one night when he came home he found us like this...
It was such a good joke, and Terry liked it so much, that we decided to do it again!

Several times during the trip we had to visit London, and stay in a hotel there. This hotel, the International Brittania, is in Docklands, and here I am looking up the London A-Z to see where else I can visit during my sight-seeing. Outside the window you can see the Canary Warf Tower - the highest building in London I'm told. Terry thinks I'm quite the tourist-fox, but I have to do something during the day *heheheee*

As you can tell, it's getting close to Christmas, so here I am under the Christmas tree with my duty-free at the Singapore Airlines Kris Class lounge at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam! As you can see, I'm wearing Terry's souvineir Leeds United scarf, the reason is because it was winter and very cold! Actually, we were delayed out of Leeds airport the night before because of snow (shiver!) so our KLM flight to Singapore fell through. After staying an extra night in Amsterdam, Terry and I departed home to New Zealand via Singapore.

Poor Terry had a fractured wrist when this was taken - so he wasn't very happy!

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