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Guest artists
"Don't be humble, you're not that great."
      - Golda Meir

These good people have drawn one or more of my arctic foxes themselves (of their own free will - muahaha!), and here are theresults. I think all of them are very nice! The foxes are Victor, Lorelei and their cub Leopold.

See also my version of the foxes

Viclori.jpg Petr Cervinka

Victor and Lorelei as red foxes. (They are arctic "in reality".) Just look at the two lovebirds!

Vicnlori.jpg bw_kobvic.jpg Bryan Wang

First, a nice drawing of Victor and Lorelei going skiing. Second, one of kobus and Victor. Thanks Bryan!

ap_victr.gif Amy Pronovost

A cute picture of Vic playing with his son.

sowi-05c.gif wishuwh.gif Sonny Windstrup

The first picture shows us (Kobus and Victor)
on the road to Eurofurence '95, and the second
one is from our infamous boat trip past
Christiania, Kjøbenhavn. :-)

abvictor.jpg abavic2.jpg abvic3.jpg Abe Groter

..is another talented artist. Unfortunately he has since, to my knowledge, made himself scarce.

Thanks folks, love you all!