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"If today is Tuesday, this must be Wellington..."

Well, that's about what it feels like at the moment with all my travelling over the place. I came back to New Zealand from from the Philippines on the 19th of December, and spent a few days at home before travelling to Christchurch for Christmas to see my folks and a few friends. Then, a return to Wellington, shortly followed by taking off on a six-day tour of the North Island of New Zealand with my friend Bernard Doove from Australia. I have around a week to spend in Wellington before disappearing to Manila again for the second three-month segment of my Philippine "tour of duty"...

So, how did things go? Quite well in the Philippines, despite the fact I was having a great deal of problem with the intense (30C plus) heat and humidity in Manila. (And this is the cool part of the year?!?) Meeting Rommel Ignacio was a real blast, we had some good times together and we've got more fun planned for my return! He even did some sketches in my sketch-book!

And the New Zealand tour with Bernard was a bundle of fun as well. Visiting the geothermal areas around Rotorua was very interesting (if smelly), we had great weather for sightseeing, and had a very relaxing time. We drove up to Auckland and spent a day with Grant Preston which was fun, swapping stories and sketches and stuff. All in all, a good holiday!

Next stop, Makati City in Manila...

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