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Welcome to The Anthro Art Ring!  This ring is for anthropomorphic ("furry") artists to show off their art while at the same time forming a furry artist community.  Becoming a part of the Anthro Art Ring will expose your art to other furries, and maybe help you receive commissions.  You don't have to be a great artist, just as long as you have furry art online you want people to see.  The only thing we ask is you place the Anthro Art Ring links on either your art page, or page leading to your art, such as the main index. You do want people to see your art, right? If you have a "Ring" page it's okay to place the ring information there.  Remember, the harder you make the ring to find, the few visits your page, and everyone after you, will get.

Here are the rules for becoming an active part of The Anthro Art Ring-

Due to unforseen problems with the code, we have a temp code in place that requires anyone interested in joining to request doing so on the FurNation Reborn discord server.
In addition to that we ask you have your website title, website, and it's creation date handy.

The end result should be:

This site is part of the The Anthro Art Ring
This site is owned by name of site owner here(that's you).

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Join Us!

Normally there would be a form here to fill out.
We ask any/all potential ringers to visit our Discord server and make your request in the anthro-art-ring-request channel.

Site List

These are the current sites listed on the webring, in ring order.
Date Joined
 Soap Puppy Productions 
Mayfurr (and Terry's) Page 

If you have any problems with installing the HTML fragment, or you have any other questions, e-mail us by clicking the paw print envelope below. :)

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