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Pre-Printed Products

Here is what is available and what is coming up, and available for pre-order pending completion:

(With the exception of the t-shirt, prices do *not* include postage and handling.)

All images are linked to larger versions.






Ten black and white prints of MANLY furry males au naturale! Printed with two covers (click on the link at left). Cover #1 is the regular cover, while #2 is a limited edition. Printed on cardstock.

Rating: W (Whatever the heck I felt like drawing! ;) Seriously, tho, its for Mature Persons Only.

Price: $10

Natural Beauties II cover NATURAL BEAUTIES II status: AVAILABLE NOW!

Follow up to last year's cheesecake portfolio. Ten black and white prints of lovely furry fems. Printed on cardstock.

Rating: Also W! Mature Persons Only, of course...

Price: $10

Mamono Hunter Fawn ECLECTICA status: Nearly Complete

A mini 'zine compilation of approximately 30 pictures I've done the past few years, printed and distributed by UniGraphix.

Rating: G

Price: $5

Manilow Shows It Off! A T-SHIRT! Ooooo! status: None left over from initial printing (it was slightly overprinted, but the extras sold at CF8)

Printed only to number of orders, it will not be mass printed due to its intentionally ass-inine nature. (Sorry - bad pun!)

Everybody had a good laugh at CF8! Quote from a furry personage: "Evil! You are evil!"

Drawn in response to one too many furry fans declaring my black kitties to be 'too human' and 'not furry enough', my most infamous black kitty dude shows off what's left of his docked tail! Yes - declare your freedom from rigid furry thinking by wearing Manilow's cute, tailless butt on your chest!!

Price: $13

Spino's Fox Shirt SPINO'S T-SHIRT! status: 3 left from initial printing

Since apparently a lot of furs are visiting my site, Spino asked me if I would advertise his shirt here, too! Email him if you want one!

Price: $13 (as far as I know...)

Ordering Info:

Until the FurNation server is fully secure and set up for taking orders, you may contact me through email about commissions or any of the above items. Postage and handling for pre-printed products is $2 for the US and Canada, and $10 for overseas (sorry!).

If you request a commission at the same time, the pre-printed postage will be waived in favor of the commission postage, as both items will be mailed together unless otherwise requested.

Age statements are *required* for persons ordering anything marked 'Mature Persons Only'.

Other examples of my art can be seen in my Gallery, and more are available by way of ftp on my Velan Central Library directory and the Furry Content Index Note: While much of my art available on the 'net is anthropomorphic, I do not do that exclusively.

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All artwork and characters are copyright 1996 by Christine Klunder, unless otherwise noted

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