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What you see here is just a very small collection of a few pictures not available elsewhere on the Inet, out of personal choice or for other varied reasons. Have a look around, visit every once in a while - the exhibits will be changing! These images are not for distribution.

Images with blue borders are linked to larger versions.

Date of last change - 8 May 97


Trethamkar, fox/greyhound/wuff/eagle thingy. ;)Family Friend


Equine fem sold at CF8 artshowZaina - feline fem

Color test for a Squirreltaur fem sold at CF8 art show

Wolverbabe in color!  Zhora done in PhotoShop.Tara, daughter of Zhora and Tres.Father and daughter, having a little reading lesson.

Further anthropomorphic images may be found at:

Anime Fun!

Sailor Moon and co. as centaurettes!Sailor Chibi Moon as a My Little Pony type centaurette!

My Sketchbook Sketches!

A dynamic set of works in progress, silly fun, and character bits!

The Human Factor Page!

A bare-bones, under development page for the graphic novel I'm writing/drawing!

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