Friends' and Other Artists' Furry Art

This page contains Furry art which I totally think is cool and like a lot. The pieces here are done by mt best Furry friends or by artist that have done my character Wildwolf in there pictures. NOTE: None of the pictures on this page are done by me. And they are copyrighted and registered trademarks of the specific artist and not to me.

Bill Schmickle Wildwolf:
Here is a cool drawing of Wildwolf that my good friend Bill Schmickle drew during a furry party at Sylverfox's home. And what a cool party it was. Anyway you may have seen Bill's art in such publications as Genus, Furotica, Beauty of the Beast #3, and Wild Kingdom. I think Bill is totally talented in his furry art and adore his works. Keep up the awesome work Bill!

Plush Hug:
This drawing came out really cute. It is of a cute fur holding a cute plushy.. ahhhhhh cute!! It was also done at Sylverfox's party. It was done by another good friend of mine. His online name is Basil or BasilBadger, but I call him Dennis. :)

Wildwolf and Loopy picture:
Here is a picture I am totally proud of and will drool over for ever. My best friend and brother wolf, Andrew Pidcock a.k.a. Loopy, drew this beautiful picture. It is a colored picture of him and me standing next to each other. And I have a hungry look on my muzzle. Infact, the title of the picture is called "You are not going to eat me... are you?" But I would never ever eat him. He is so cute, loving and caring. And I love him so much and I always will. Oh... and I am the tall wolf with grey fur and golden eyes. Loopy is the cute little white wolf with beautiful blue eyes.

CFE2 Feelings:
Here is a picture my wolf brother Loopy drew of his feelings at CFE2 1996. I am in this picture. I am the small black wolf in the bottom left corner. I was kind of sad at the con and it made an impact on Loopy so he drew me looking sad. But this picture makes me happy. Good job brother. It is a wonderful picture.

The Hug:
Here is a drawing of Wildwolf huging Kess the Fox. The artist of this picture wants to remain annonymous right now. But she is a close friend.

Eric Elliot Wildwolf:
Here is a sketch Eric Elliot drew of my character Wildwolf at CF8. I like it a lot and it came out real cute.

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