Wildwolf's Favorite Links and Pages

Super Jay has art, costumes and links. Check it out!

Here is a cool Yiffnet friend. He has wonderful art on his page and cool animations.. Check this one out!!

Furnation Homepage:
Well this is the page where Wildwolf's Lair can be found now. I moved out of my old homepage and onto this one. It has other cool artists' pages too. This is a must see page!

Loopy 2: Who are You?
You thought his first page was awesome. Well you thought wrong. This page is even better with cool costume stuff from CFE 1996, sculptures and neat art. If you are a big Loopy fan like me you better check out this neat little page

Kes the Coon's Homepage:
Well one of my good Real Life friends has her own web page with CFE 1996 photos, friend bashing, and just plan fun and humor. Check it out.

Virtual Vikki's Treehouse :
Here is a cool page. It has a lot of 3D art on it done by Virtual Vikki. This page even has stuff on Toys and movies. It is a great page. Check it out!

Bender's Werewolves in Suburbia:
Here is a place to find cool werewolf and wereanimal art.

Furrymuck Homepage:
Here is a place to find thousands of furry art pictures and the artists that did them.

Rat's Furry Archive:
Another great link to find some of the best furry art and artists.

Lyon's (Nakobi's) Homepage:
Here is a cool page with lots of lion art and other wild cats. Plus, Lyon has a lot of furry art he does too.

Furplay Central:
Here is a link to the popular Furry Fanzine, "Furplay".

Elf King's Homepage:
This neat page has some art on it and cool links to other pages.

Philo's Furry Artist List:
An active list of today's furry artists.

StarLyxn Interactive:
This is a real good friend's web page. It has pictures and links to many anime and furry sites. Check it out!

Wolf Studios Homepage:
This is a cool page showing how they make costumes, werewolf and Halloween stuff. They also have a awesome Haunted Manor called Verdun, which is also shown on this page.

Ken Samples Homepage:
Here is a page done by one of my most favorite furry artists out there. He has some of his art, alittle about himself, and links on his page.

Ravenwolf's Homepage:
Here is another neat page done by a great furry artist. I enjoy his style of art and coloring. Check it out for yourself.

Wildwolf's Figure Lair
I am a huge collector of rare and not so rare action figures, and now I have a new page with my action figure collection. It has some pictures of my figures and links to other great action figure sites. If you love action figures you better get going to it now!!
Wildwolf's Figure Lair:
This is my other page with my action figure collection, news about other figures, and links to other great action figure sites.

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