Wildwolf Fursuit

Here is a page dedicated to my new fursuit that I worked long and hard on. I stayed up many a long night, pricking my fingers cause I was falling asleep, to get this fursuit done. And I did it. It is 100% complete. Some of you professional costume designers and fursuit makers may look at it and go, "That is nothing special." But it is special to me. Cause it is my first real fursuit, and I made it all myself. And I am proud of it.

I would like to thank Loopy for giving me the inspiration to make my suit. His Loopy Costume really impressed me, that I needed to make my own Wildwolf fursuit. And I got some ideas off his costume for mine. Like the jaw and mask mechanics. But I tried not to copy it like his. I am sorry I did not give him credit earlier... I just thought he was upset with me.

And also I would like to thank my special friend Mike Rider (Ixbalam) for showing me techniques of sewing, to make it easier for me.

My fursuit was a hit at Halloween. I was at parties, in a parade, and at clubs in it. And won various awards. Here is a run down of my fursuit Halloween and awards I won.

Well I will give you an insite on the events that occured with me and my fursuit around and on Halloween. I will give the dates so ya know when it happened... kinda like a diary entry.

Sat. Oct 18th:
This is the first time I got in my new fursuit.. well what I got done, which were the paws, mask, and tail. I wore my Wildwolf T-Shirt and jeans with it. The fursuit was 40% complete at this time. And I entered my annual Halloween Parade.
6:00 pm - Got in suit. Took 30 minutes to do so.. because of make-up.
6:30 pm - I went to parade's starting place and waited.
7:00 pm - Parade started and I went around with the parade for about 2 hours.
9:00 pm - I finished the parade route, about 2 miles long, including stopping for like 15 minutes so the bands could play there songs. And I also won 3rd prize for my fursuit, out of hundreds of other costumers. I got 40 dollars for 3rd. I had so much fun. And I had the crowd going. I was howling and wagging my tail.. and I had a standing ovation for doing that... they loved the suit. I even had a lady stroke my tail, and tell me how long and sexy it was. :) And I was on TV too.
9:45 pm - I got home and got out of the suit.

Monday and Tuesday Oct 27th and 28th:
I posed at my art school for a couple cartooning classes. The kids loved the fursuit and enjoyed drawing it.

Thursday Oct 30th:
6:00 pm - I got in my fursuit again, for our towns trick or treat night. I walked around seeing old friends, and joking around with the other costumers trick or treating.
7:30 pm - I went to a local Haunted House and had the actors inside wowing at my suit. I even had a guy that was suppose to be serious and act evil and mean, laugh and smile, when I started talking and my jaw on my masked moved with my mouth.
8:30 pm - I then went to a night club for a costume contest. I danced the night away, and danced away with the Best Costume at the party and got 100 bucks for that.
11:00 pm - I got home, got out of my costume, and got a well deserved sleep. 5 hours straight in a costume, can really tire ya.

Friday Oct. 31st:
9:30 am - I went up to my friends college in Kutztown PA and dressed in my suit again, to hand out candy for the American Marketing Association. The college students really enjoyed the costume. I did not get payed for this, but I did get a free meal. But I would have done it for free, cause I have so much fun in my fursuit.
11:00 am - I went back home and got out of suit, and got lunch.
1:00 am - I went to my mom's elementary school, where she teaches 3rd grade. They had a Halloween parade, and I went in it for the kids. I love to make kids smile and a lot did during the parade when I joked with them. The kids "loved the wolfy" or "look at the cute wolfy" when I went buy. I even had a couple of tail pullers.
3:30 pm - I got home again and got out of suit.
9:30 pm - I got back in the suit again for a friends Halloween Party. And I had a good time there too. I won 2 award there. Most Creative, and Most Mirroring my Personality. I had a good time, even tho dodging the drunk Mundanes.
12:30 - Got out of my suit for the final time that night. What a long day.. I got in and out of my suit 3 times that day. But it was fun.

Sat. Nov. 1st:
8:30 pm - I again got into my fursuit for another Halloween party. As soon as I arrived I got smacked on the nose by a drunk partier. Oh well.. at least he did not throw something on me that stains. I had lots of pictures taken of me there. I also had a great time there too.
10:00 pm - I got out of the suit for the final time this year. Bringing my Halloween Season to an end this year. It was fun, but tiring. And yes I won lots of awards. But I did not make the suit for that. I made it for me, and for others enjoyment. Yes it is fun to win things, but it is much more fun to make someone happy and smile. I am bringing Wildwolf 100% complete to CF9 in Buena Park, CA during Janurary 14 -20th 1998. Hope to see ya there. Well I hope you enjoyed reading my little Halloween adventures, and I hope it was not too long for ya.

Well here are the pictures of Wildwolf the Fursuit

NOTE:These pictures of my fursuit are taken at the 50% stage. They only show the mask, tail, feet, and paws. As of now I have no pictures of the 100% complete fursuit. Which has a full body fursuit, and a loin cloth. If I get any I will add them to this page, but here is what I have now, so enjoy.

Here is a happy Wildwolf.

Wildwolf crotching:
Here I am showing how flexable my suit can be.

Wildwolf again:
Here is a full body shot of me.

Wildwolf and Friends:
Here is a picture taken at one of Sylverfox's furmeets. Here I am in my full body Fursuit with Questy on the left and Bill Schmickle aka Silverfur, on the right.

Wolf and Fox:
Here is a picture with me and Brian Miller aka Sylverfox.

Here is a picture taken at one of the parties I went to. I am eating a banana in it, whic shows the mobility of the jaw.

Fursuit Tail:
Here is a side view of my fursuit showing the tail better.

Here is a front view of my fursuit.

Drunk Attack:
Here is a picture of one of the drunk mundanes at a party attacking me with a cane.