E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo): ATLANTA 1997

Well I recently took a trip to a non anthropomorphic convention, but was surprised to find some furry mascots at the con. I traveled to Atlanta Georgia to the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) from June 19th - 23rd. The E3 is a giant Electronics show based mostly for the Entertainment side of Electronics, meaning videogames. The big gaming companies were present, such as Nintendo, Sega, Namco, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Acclaim, Sony, Capcom, Konami, and many other ones.

The best game at the show for me was an anthropomorphic 3D fighting game called Beastorizer, which was the working title name. Which means the name could change anytime. Beastorizer featured human fighters that had the ability to morph into their respective anthropomorphic animal forms, such as a wolf, fox, lion, tiger, rabbit, warthog. The gameplay has a mix of Tekken and Fighting Vipers. The graphics are beatiful and sounds are wonderful. The game moved smooth and fast. This game is being made for the Playstation right now, but may come to other systems.

The show was really fun! I got lots of free stuff, such as magazines, pictures, and game demos. I took tons of pictures there too. Below I only have a few pictures I took, but they give ya the idea of the show. We also made a VHS video of the show, so if you are interseted in seeing herps and furs in costumes, interviews with game people, and lots of videogame footage of games that will not be avalible for months, email me. The cost of the tape is $15 including S&H. Well here are the pics.... enjoy.

Here are two pretty leather clad girls that I found at the Eidos booth. Yeah I know they are not furry, but they are still cool. Eidos is famous for the video game Tomb Raider and the yet to be released Tomb Raider 2.

The Lost World video game was at E3 too. It was on various systems.

Here is my new girlfriend! He he he.. just kidding. She was a model used in a erotic CD-ROM game for the PC.

Yup!! Sega had YET another Sonic game there.

Here is a new game featured at the Fox Interactive Entertainment Booth. It is called CROC. It is basically a Mario 64 clone.

I better look out! This big, bad, and buffed Elephant could probably squish me if he had the chance.

Hey look!! Another Herp! It is Bowser from Nintendo.

OUCH!!! I was bit by a fellow canine. That is not nice. Anyway, this guy is the zombie dog from Capcom's Resident Evil games.

OH NO!!! A human... uh I mean an ape. Donkey Kong to be exact.

Yet another non fur or herp that was there, but famous as hell was Brett Farve. He is the Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, and MVP for 3 years straight.

Yeah!! A furry statue! Nintendo had this little Squirrel named Conker on display above his new Nintendo 64 game Conker's Quest.

Another Nintendo hit that was there was StarFox 64. This statue of Starfox was really neat. And he has a nice butt too. *SMILE*

Another furry game at the E3 was also by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. It was called Banjo and Kazooie. This statue is of Banjo, the bear character in the game.

Man.. maybe I should not have stood here. I never even noticed the herpy dragon that was thinking of having me for lunch.

The herpy Godzilla clone from Rampage, Lizzy was there to great people. She was promoting Midway's upgraded Rampage game, which features 3D rendered graphic like that of Killer Instinct.

Here is the official E3 Video Universe gang. From left to right: Chad "Wildwolf" Laubach (me), Kevin Druist, Jason Peters, George Wilson, Joe Negron, Matthew Derr, and Sam Vandling .

Here is Lizzy again from Rampage. She is showing off Rampage for the Playstation on the TV screen.

This picture was taken driving on the streets in Atlanta. There is a store called Wolf Camera and here is there billboard with a furry wolf taking a picture.

Tiger Handheld was there and they were featuring a new system similar to the Nintendo Gameboy, but with better graphics called the Game.Com. They had a Tiger Plushie in a tree for there mascot.

Here is the giant banner promoting the E3 show.

The Jersey Devil was at the E3 too. This guy was promting a new game for the Playstation.

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