Confurence East 1996

Well, Confurence East is just a memory now. But what a memory it was. Let me tell you it was so cool!! I had a great time. I met new furs and cool artists. I would like to thank Alan Mackey and Kayakote for transporting my butt too the show. If it was not for them, I would still be confurenceless. I roomed with my wolf brother Loopy. And thanks to him I did not get lost or confused all weekend, since this was my first ever Confurence show. He showed me around and kept me out of trouble. Thank you soooooo much Loopy. I really really appreciated it. Kes the racoon, my RL friend, was there too and we saw a lot of each other throughout the weekend. I met other furs I know online. Some of them were Jurran, Wookiee, Lyon, Spino, and Vandringar. I went crazy with all the art on sale there. Boy I never knew money could go that fast in a few hours. But still I had a wonderful time. Probably the best part of the CFE was the masquerade. The costumes were so cool. And Loopy's costume was the coolest of them all. His costume was so amazing. But I did not get to dance with him, so I have a raincheck for the CF8. :) In all, I had the best time of my life at the CFE and I hope to go to the CF8 in Janurary. I have some pictures below from the masquerade. Enjoy them.. I know I enjoyed being there watching them.

Confurence East 1996 pictures: (This part of my web page is Dedicated too my wolf brother Loopy - Thanks for always being there when I need you brother.)

Here is my most favorite picture from CFE 1996. It is a picture of me in my wolf costume and my favorite wolf brother Loopy in his fabulous Gargoyle costume. He won for the best costume in the masquerade. And he deserved it too, since he work long and hard on it. Lots of sleepless nights if ya know what I mean. I would like to thank Kes the Coon (Michelle Solomon) for taking the picture. Great work!

Here is a picture of Loopy doing his award winning routine in his gargoyle costume. The costume was so well constructed. The jaw moved when he talked. The tail swished when he walked. And Loopy even designed the costume so it had expanding wings. So he could spread them and close them when he wanted. Definitely the best costume at the CFE 1996. Not that the other ones were shabby, I just felt this one impressed me as well as a lot of others.

Hey look! It is Wookiee doing a little dance in the CFE 1996 masquerade. This is a really nice costume. Great job on creating this costume Wookiee.

Well here is a character named Bucky Boy. He is dressed in a leather G-string and Cowboy boots. HEY!! Don't look at me. I do not create this stuff. I just take the pictures.

Here is another nice costume. The clothing gives it an extra nice touch. I would like to apologize to the creater of this costume. I said I thought it was a Dingo.. but infact it is a Grey Wolf. And his name is Oakshadow. Sorry about that.

Ahhhh. Look at the cute husky. Dad.... can I keep him?? I promise to take real good care of him.

Here is a cute kitty in a nice blue robe. But I wonder what is underneath that robe. :)

This skunk character is one of Ken Sample's designs, and it really shows. She is definitely a cute one.

After the masquerade was over, the real partying began. The costumers danced the night away in a fur flying fashion. What a great way to end the contest and the night.

Here is me with my wonderful wolf brother Loopy without our costumes on. I am on the left and Loopy is on the right.

Outside CFE 1996

Here are picture taken outside the CFE. These were taken on the last day of the Con. When the Con was over on Sunday a group of us went out to eat dinner. We had a wonderful time. We also took Loopy to a graveyard to perch on top of a gravestone in his cool gargoyle costume *Which was my strange idea ....*GRIN*. I would like to thank Mike Halen a.k.a "Patch" for taking these cool pictures and sending them to me.

Hey, even a gargoyle and wolf have to eat. Boy the staff at this resturant was surprised to see us come in. But they treated us like any other customer. Well, they better have or they might have been eaten. :)

Here is the group of us that went out after the con. We are in the graveyard posing with Loopy in his gargoyle suit. I am on the far left. Silfur is next to me, being choked by Loopy. I like to apologize for not knowing all the names of the people in the picture. I would appreciate it if you are in the picture to send me an email telling me who you are in the picture. I will add who is in the picture when I get names. It was my first Confurence and I met so many furs that I could not remember them all.... sorry.

Here is Loopy perched on top of a gravestone. He looks so natural. A wonderful photo.

Here is another shot on the gravestone.

Here is a close up of Loopy on the grave stone.

And yet another close up picture of Loopy on the gravestone.

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