Confurence 9 1998

Well, I am back from yet another con. And let me tell you Confurence 9 was my best and most favorite con yet. I had an awesome time there! I met lots of old friends and made a lot of new friends. Bought lots of cool art. And I actually sold one of my pieces in the art show. OH YEAH!! And this con was the first time I had my new Fursuit, Wildwolf. Lots seemed to like it a lot. Even tho I did not win anything for it in the Fursuit Contest, I did not care. I made it for fun, and do not really care if I win or not. But don't get me wrong. If I ever do win something for it, I will be happy tho. I am actually making Wildwolf #2 now, since the fur on my Fursuit got worn off at CF9. Oh well, that is what I get for getting cheap fur. Wildwolf #2 will be almost the same, but will have a lot better fur, and the fur will be different color, than the original suit. And I may make a few small adjustments. And I would like to thank my wonderful wolf brother Loopy for inspiring me with his Loopy costume. His costume inspired me to start and finish my fursuit. If it was not for him, Wildwolf would still be a pile of fur in my corner.

I arrived at the Buena Park Hotel on Wed. night with my roommate and good friend Ixbalam. We were traveling for about 12 hours, from the East Coast to the West. It was a tiring trip. At least we had First Class along the way. As soon as we arrived, we met some old friends. I was surprised how many Furs were there that early. I ran into Ysengrin Werewolf and Lance Pope that night too. And we planned to meet the next day at Disneyland, which we did. Then I went out to eat with Ixbalam, and that was about it for Wed.

Thursday was so fun. Ysengrin Werewolf, Lance Pope, Dragon, Smash Greywolf, Ixbalam and me all met at Disneyland, and we took the park by storm. Even tho it was drizzling most of the day, we still all had a wonderful time. We went on a lot of cool rides. I would like to thank Ysengrin Werewolf, Lance Pope, Smash, and Dragon for show me and Ixbalam a good time in Disney. Thanks guys!! I had a wonderful time hanging with you guys. And can't wait to hang with you again in the future! That night I got into my Fursuit for the first time at a con. It was late. Around 11:30 pm. But I had a great time in it.

Friday was a day if buying art in the Dealer's Den for me. That is what I did for most of the day. I went around the Dealer's Den and joined some Sigs. The day went buy fast. That night I got back into Wildwolf and went to the Purple Nurple Dance. I had another great night in my Fursuit. Infact the whole con.. all 5 days I was there were awesome. I had not one thing go wrong at the con. That is why it was the best one yet.

Saturday was cool too. I was really nervous all morning, cause I was in the Fursuit Presentation. I got in my Fursuit a little before the competition and ran around the Dealer's Den. I got the artists going, and got some pics, one with Terrie Smith. Oh and I got interviewed by a Brazilian News Cast. Unfortunately, I will never see that tape. Anyway, I got on stage for the Presentation, and cut it short cause they would not let me get in the audience, so my routine was cut SHORT you could say. Like I was out there for 30 -45 seconds. It was really pitiful. Oh well. I can build up more courage and make it longer at the next con. After the Presentation was over, I went out to the pool for a photo shoot. And got really wet paws there too, with the soaked indoor outdoor carpet. They should have had the photo shoot somewhere more dry. Lots of Fursuiters complained about the wet carpet. After the photo shoot I hoped out of Wildwolf for a bit. I met Kitelcat who was staying with us for the night. He put his stuff in our room, then went off to have fun at the con. Later that night I got into my Fursuit again for the Pool side Fursuit dance. This time I wore my shoes instead of my paws. I did not want to get soaked paws again. I danced the night away. And I was in my Fursuit for a total of 8 hours that day.

Sunday was a rest day for me. I took it easy and just walked around talking to friends. I also put some bids up on Art Show pieces, and got 4 of them. One of them was an original Chester piece by Terrie Smith. But I gave it to Ixbalam for a late Christmas present. I hope he likes it. I also founf out that one of my art pieces in the Art Show sold too. I was really happy that someone liked my art. I bet you can't guess what I did at night again. Yup! Got into Wildwolf again. I love getting into my Fursuit! It is so fun!

You think that is it. No no! I stayed an extra day and night. And on Monday we got a HUGE group together and went to Disney again. Jim Groat was in this group for a little untill we split into smaller groups. I was surprised the Sercurity was not following us with Jim Groat acting his normal funny self. :) Like the "HAIL WALT DISNEY" in front of the Walt Disney and Mickey Statue. Or the marching of15 furs across the park while yelling German words. Jim Groat is great! Oh and Jim.... "I AM NOT A FANBOY!!!" Just thought I would straighten that out. This was another wonderful day. To bad it was the last day. ::Whimper::

Me and Ixbalam got back on the plane home on Tuesday Morning. I was so sad. I will miss all you furs I met and hung out with. You made my con so fun! Thank you so much. ::HUG:: I will miss you Loopy, Ysengrin Werewolf, Smash Greywolf, Dragon, Todfox, Slyfox, Big Bad Wolf, Johny Blanco, Singe, Jim Groat, Lance Pope, Yippie Coyote, Witchcat, Greyfur, Sean Cologne, Kitelcat, Tigercat, Koshaw, Brokken, Furlup, Bladestone, Manawolf, Ginger, Amara, Kagur, all the Fursuiters, and all you other wonderful furs! You knopw who you are. Thanks again for a great con!

Now For the CF9 Pictures

I would like to thank my best friend and roomate at CF9, Ixbalam, with supplying me the pictures for this page with his new Digital Camera. Thanks Ixy! ::HUGS and KISSES::

Wolf Pack:
Ysengrin and an unknown Wolfy give me a hug.. or headlock. It is how you look at the pic. "Note. No wolves were harmed during productions." ::Giggle::

Dealer's Den:
Here is a pic of the large Dealer's Den.

Koshaw and Wildwolf:
I met up with Koshaw at the con and get a quick pic.

Video Game Wolf:
Sometimes smelling butts gets drab. So I decide to play videogames sometimes.

Dinner Gang:
Greyfur and Sean Cologne hang out in the "Goodies" Resturant.

Smash Greywolf and Wildwolf:
I think Smash looks cute in his Sailor outfit.

Wildwolf in Dealer's Den:
Here I am padding around the Dealer's Den in my fursuit. Big Bad Wolf is next to me on the right, but he is out of costume here.

Canines at Play:
I met up with Smash Greywolf, Ysengrin Werewolf, and Brokken. We had a great time padding around the con together.

Witchcat Crew:
Here we meet up with Witchcat and his friends on Wed. Two Days before the con actually starts.

Wildwolf and Slyfox:
Two Canids unite.

Wildwolf Posing:
I am a happy wolf in my new Fursuit!

Another Wolf Pack:
Ysengrin Werewolf, Big Bad Wolf, and me take time to pose for a picture at the Purple Nurple Dance.

Human Wildwolf:
Oh my god! A pic with me out of my fursuit.

Here is Greyfur having fun at CF9.

Smash Greywolf and Human Wildwolf:
Another one with me out of my fursuit. But I am with a cool friend, so that makes up for it.

Wildwolf and Panthress:
Wildwolf with a cute kitty.

Wildwolf Performing:
Here I am, full of butterflies as I come out on stage for my very first Fursuit performance.. a whole 30 seconds of it. Maybe next time I will have more courage.

Big Bad Wolf:
What are you doing with Barney Big Bad? Oh well. You can mame him if ya want.

Furlup is sure a Crowd Pleaser! As here he is with his Award.

Wildwolf and Terrie Smith:
Here is me and Terrie Smith, hanging out in the Dealer's Den.

Everyone was wondering who this mysterious Lemur was. Well who knows, maybe it was Chester.

Kicking Paws:
Rockettes eat your heart out.. this Fursuit Line is much better!

Royal Ice:
Who says a Deer and Wolf can't get along. GREAT costumes!

Uck...Interesting name for this Tiger.

Trax the Skunk:
I think Trax was the best Intro Costume there. And just think, it was his first costume too. WOW!!

Don Coyote and Yippie:
These two mixed it up in the Fursuit Presentation.

This was a nice Cheetah costume.

Vicky Rabbit:
Here comes that cute Vicky Rabbit on stage.

Kerchee is performing during the Fursuit Presentation.

Wildwolf and Kagur:
Here is me in my serious pose. Kagur joins me in the picture.

That is one nice looking Unicorn.

Zebra Interview:
The TV crew is interviewing this cool Zebra.

Yippie Fun:
Yippie always seems to have a ball where ever he goes.

Husky Interview:
Smash Greywolf and Dragon are getting interviewed by a TV station.

V'ril, Bladestone, and Triggur:
Bladestone seems very happy with these Equines.

ManaWolf looks startled at all the fursuits.

Wolf Dance:
Here Bladestone dances with me.

Toyfox Plays with a friend at the Pool Fursuit Dance.

Pepe Le Pew was even at the Pool Fursuit Dance.

Trax and Witchcat:
Trax Skunk and Witchcat have a little conversation.

Robin Hood Fox and Lemur:
The Pool Dance brought old and new fursuits out.

Cute Fox:
I have no idea who this is. But the costume is excellent.

Real cute costumes. Great Detail. Really impressive.

Brokken Resting:
Boy! Dancing can really tire out a werewolf.

Cool Dragon:
This is a wonderful Anthro Dragon that was sitting on the table.

Dealer's Den part 2:
Lots of art to Buy! So little money.

Here is Kitelcat and half of Tigercat in the background.

Furry Group:
Slyfox, Scarlet puppet and Vicky Rabbit hung out with other Furs.

Lucky and Wildwolf:
Here is Lucky and Wildwolf Hugging.

Medieval Wolf:
The Green Knight was robbed!!

Wildwolf Parts:
Ginger said I was fixed. HA!! I have a Spotty one and Christmas Balls. ::Giggle::

Aaaahhhhh Relief!:
Hey even fursuiters wolves have to go bad too!

Loopy Hugs:
Loopy hugs Lucky as me and Dragon look on.

Wildwolf and Loopy:
I met up with my wolf bro Loopy.

Toyfox Fooling Around:
Toyfox is having fun in the Shoe Bop Bar.

Dancing Wildwolf:
Here I am dancing in the Shoe Bop Bar.

Wildwolf Kiss:
Lucky gives me a kiss on my nose.

Chester Drawers:
A store in Disneyland.. not our favorite Ringtail. Oh well. ::WHIMPER::

Disney Dog Pound:
A bunch of Furs got trapped in the Disney Pound. But we did happen to escape.

Disney Beast:
I ran into the Beast in Disneyland. Don't mind my washed out face.