Confurence 8 1997

Well I just got home from CF8 and let me tell you I had a blast. I wish this one would never end. This con was a whole lot better than CFE. There were more big name artists at this one. Ken Sample, Terrie Smith, Brian Harp, Eric Eliot, Michelle Light, Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd, Bucky Boy, Wookiee, Frank Gembeck Jr., Jim Pigtain, and lots of other cool artists were there too. It was a big show. I arrived on Thursday at 2:00 pm California time. I was greeted by my roomates Dustin T. McBeth (Bladestone) and Cyotee as soon as I got in at the front desk because they wanted to get in the room. Ray Dyer (Bungee), my third roomate, arrived later that night. Later on I was extremely happy to see my very special favorite wolf brother Andrew Pidcock (Loopy). Who I gave a nice long and hard hug to say hi. Bladestone, Loopy, Cyotee, and me all went out to catch a bite to eat. We got Knott's Berry Farm chicken and took it back to my room. It was fun to be with Loopy again, and with new friends. Loopy got dressed up in his Gargoyle costume that night and walked around with me.. it was so cool. Loopy's roomate Nick Bousman (Singe) arrived later that night and well, that was basically the last time I hung out with my wolf brother Loopy. I missed him so much after that.

Friday was really fun. I went around and met a lot of cool furs. I met some familiar Yiffnet and Furrymuck people. And I went around the Dealer's Room and met some cool artists. I got some cool art in the Dealer's Room. Later that night was the pet auction. Now that was a blast. Silfur got bought for 180 dollars by Orzel. What a buy. :) And I bought my roomie Bladestone. After the pet auction Bladestone, Cyotee, Bungee and me hit the pool and spa. Now that was relaxing.

Saturday was a very interesting day. I had so much fun and the day went by so fast. I bought more art and talked to more artists. The masqurade was on this day. And what a good masqurade it was. There were lots of real cool costumes there. It sure gave me ideas for my upcoming Wildwolf costume. There some repeat costumes from CFE, but most were updated or changed around a little. My wolf brother Loopy's costume was as beautiful as ever, with some new modified changes. His costume is still my all time favorite. I had lots of fun on this day for sure.

Sunday was also a good day, even tho it was the last day of the con. I went to the Art Auction and bid on some original works. And I got some too. I got an original Jim Pigtain, some wolf art, and the actual, original comic cover of Katmandu done by Terrie Smith named "Regrets." I love th original Terrie Smith and it is my most valued piece I bought. After the Art Auction I said goodbye to my wolf brother Loopy and others that left this day. I did not leave until Monday morning. And I really miss the con, and wish I could go back. Go back and do other stuff, bye more things, and fix some situations that happened. But in all I had a wonderful time. And can't wait till my next con I go too.

Confurence 8 1997 Pictures

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Here is my CF8 badge. And notice I was a Super Sponcer at this con. Being a Super Sponcer was cool too.. lots of perks!

Here is my most favorite costume. Loopy sure knows how to design wonderful costumes. He updated and made this costume more comfortable to wear. And I like the belt too.. very nice!

Loopy seemed to have lifted weights before this con, which makes his costume even more exciting and real.

Here is Loopy's wonderful wing spread. COOL!

Loopy mingles with other costumers. Nice tail!

Wow!! If this Borg fox lady was in Star Trek. I would definitely watch it.

This kangaroo costume was made very well. I bet it was hard to walk in it tho.

This buffed kitty made lots of heads turn and lips whistle when he came out.

This costume was so cool! It cried attitude. And it included a voice box for an added effect.

Being an announcer is not easy. Especially when you have to annouce furries. :)

Here is another cool costume. My friend Bender is wearing this one. It is a cute costume.

Even Space Jam characters made it to the con. Lola Bunny likes to flaunt things in public.

What a wonderful couple. They should be very happy together.

Hey it is Balto and friends. These costumes were constructed very well and look like the characters from the movie.
Here is me and my roomate Bladestone. I am on the right.

DarkMoon seems really excited to be at CF8.

Cyotee is enjoying a little game of Cruis'n USA for the Nintendo 64.

Ack!! Here we have the rare mating habits of the wolf plushies.

Captain Packrat (left), Bungee (middle), and Bladestone (right) are hanging out in the lobby on Monday before going home.

Here is me holding the original actual piece of art Terrie Smith did. I bought it in the Art Show/Auction. This picture was used on the one cover of the Katmandu comic. The name of the piece is called "Regrets."

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