The Amazing Art of Bill Schmickle

Hi all. As you can see I added a new section to my web page. This section infact! You may be asking who is Bill Schmickle?? Or you may already know him, which is totally cool. But in reality, Bill is a super talented furry artist and he is a good friend of mine. He does not have any of his work on the net anywhere, so I decided to help him out. I decided to add this section for him and put some of his wonderful pieces of furry art on here for you to enjoy. You may have seen Bill's art in such publications as Furrotica, Beauty of the Beasts #3, Genus, Wild Kingdom, and in a lot of other publications. Bill uses a totally cool style of art that brings life to his characters and a texture that makes the characters appear furry. Well take a look for yourself!!! And keep checking back. As soon as I get more of Bill's art I will add it to here.

OOOOO!!! I can just about reach it. This picture is really well done. I love the paw.

Squirrel Fem:
This well endowed gal likes big nuts.

Here is a cool pic Bill did of the character Synicism from AOL.

Cute Wolfy:
This wolf girl has seductive eyes for you.

Hot Fox:
MMMMMM! Where can I find a fox like this?

Sexy Skunky:
Recently submitted to Furrotica... Here is one Basil will like. *grin*

Bill Schmickle Wildwolf:
Here is a cool drawing of Wildwolf that my good friend Bill Schmickle drew during a furry party at Sylverfox's home. I think Bill is totally talented in his furry art and adore his works. Keep up the awesome work Bill!

Who needs to be cute when you you have ATTITUDE!

This pic shows Bill's skill at creating a furry texture. I love this pic.

Pole Dance:
*DROOL* says it all! :)

This pretty Kitty seems eager to meet you.

Sword Lion:
Don't mess with this big and bad Lion! He has a sharp sword and knows how to use it.

T-shirt Wolf:
I love the wolf t-shirt this wolf is wearing. Where can I get one just like it?

Keeing clean is hard with all that fur, but a few licks will surely help.

Basil & Cinamouse:
Here is Basil Badger and Cinamouse enjoying some time together.

Self Potrait:
Here is Bill's furry self potrait.

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