Albany Anthrocon 1997

Well this con had its ups and downs for me. But in all it was a very successful con. Lots of furs attended this new con. And I met lots of old friends and new ones too. Here take a look for yourself.

Here is my wonderful friend Ixbalam/JasJaguar aka Mike Rider.

Here is the full group that went to Albany together. We had 3 cars total following each other. I guess you could car it a "FURAVAN." Front row...left to right: Me (Wildwolf), Fenn, Basil/BasilBadger, and Karma. Back Row...left to right: SusanDeer, Creature, Nev, and Ixbalam/JasJaguar.

Here are the fems of Yiffnet having a wonderful time at AAC. From left to Right: Kes, Rowen, Karma, and SusanDeer.

Tehrasha got nailed with tons of Silly string. Hey look!! He has a pair of pliers to cut himself out.

Here is me in my updated Wildwolf costume. Hope fully at CF9 I will have a new Wildwolf costume with a full body fur suit.

My Wolf brother, Loopy aka Andrew Pidcock, in his NEW Loopy costume.

Here is Andrew putting on make-up for his Loopy costume.

My wolf brother and me hugging.

Another one with Loopy and me.

"Geepers Creepers where did ya get...... THOSE GIANT BOOBS!" *Giggle* Here is Roxicat showing off her... giant... talent. :)

Here is Loopy's Korul costume. It was shown at previous cons.

The furs come out all dressed up. Here is Slyfox and Jack Salem in dress attire.

I met some new friends at Albany and saw old ones too.

Here is my good Yiffnet friends Creature and Karma.

Kes the coon shows how normal she can be.

Hey look!! My wolf puppet is driving to Albany.

Boy Hartree looks spaced out on the last night of the con. Too much spooge perhaps.

Here is the Albany Yiffnet caravan that went to the con. From left to right: Basil, Kes, Fenn, Nev, Karma, and SusanDeer.

Here Rowen is messing with Tehrasha. Creature hangsout in the background.

Hi Karma!!!

Here is JT Bear and Koshaw partying on the last night.

Here I am covered with plushies.

Stormwolf looks surprised. Maybe we woke him up.

Growltiger is being lured in by Rowen's soft gloves.

Here is another Korul picture. Wave a wing "Hi" to him.

Here Sylverfox takes a break to smile for the camera. The ever famous Wookiee is sitting right beside him.

Holy Plushie pile!! This is my bed full of most of my friends I brought to the con. Where did I sleep you may ask.

More plushies from a different angle.

Rowen strikes again with the soft gloves, but Robfox is the victim. Dsan is busy drawing (on the left) while this is happening.

He he he! This time Rowen is getting her own medicine. Basil has got her gloves and is using them on her. Other furries look on. From Left to Right: SusanDeer, Growltiger, Rowen, Basil, Robfox, and Nev.

Here I am in my costume waving to ya.

Sean Wilkinson and Greyfur are having a good time at Albany.

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