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Welcome back! Welcome back to the online studio of mine.

I'm glad that Furnation is back up, so I can do updates to this and other pages. There's going to be a large wipe as we flush out things here. Expect some slow going! What is up right now is listed on the left-hand of the page here. Right now, the most updated is the weekly Stalag '99 (NOW ON KEENSPACE!!!), followed by the collaboration of many artists: The Time Wrinkle story. Most of my art is on Velar Central, but look out, I may put up a special "latest junk" directory here.

OOOO! Pic of whenever...

WolfSkunk Aquin, an intresting Celebrated Oddity. No, shi was not born that way.


Disclaimer & Artist Recognition

An experiment of tweaking society.

Another experiment, this time in cartooning

Time Wrinkle
A collaborative story by Yerf artists and fans.

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