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[The "YiffClass" Girl]The origin of "YiffClass"...

It's amazing the things that one or two chance comments in email and things can do...

"YiffClass" was an idea that was jointly dreamed up by myself and Rommel Ignacio during some e-mail conversations while I was working in England during 1997. We'd been having some discussions about how two of our furry characters, MayFurr and Tamara Fox, would get along if ever they met up, and one of us made a comment as to what it would be like if Tamara worked as a flight attendant on an airline. The innuendo and double-entendres flew between us, and the idea of "YiffClass" - the ultimate in airline service (in more ways than one!) - was born.

Rom and I decided that we'd do a picture each with this idea, and soon I had some pencils roughed out, featuring Rom's Tamara character. Unfortunatly, these pencils were never used, as midway through completion I had to return to New Zealand from the UK suddenly to attend my brother's funeral, and after that I didn't have the heart to finish the work. Business commitments and later getting my left wrist fractured in London towards Christmas 1997 didn't help matters, and Rom had also dropped contact for a while so I'd no idea how he was doing. So the whole "project" languished for a while.

The first "Yiffclass" pictures!

Eventually though, I'd managed to get something inked and ready to be turned into an mock-advertisement for YiffClass. By this stage, I'd acquired a scanner and some decent paint programs, so I decided to construct the planned "double page spread" in digital format. Afer much playing around with Corel Draw 4 and Adobe PhotoDeluxe, I managed to get the first two images for the launch of "YiffClass" completed in June 1998.

Click on the pictures below to get the full-sized images.

[The First YiffClass ad  page]

[The second "YiffClass" page!]

For the reality-impaired, all the address information for the "Yiff International Flights and Freighting Corporation" is entirely ficticious! "Karangahape St" was derived from the infamous Karangahape Road red-light district in Auckland, and while "East Wardour St" is a real street in Soho, London, I placed it in the ficticious English town of Crinklybottom. (Fans of British TV who have heard of Noel Edmonds will understand the reference.)

The pictures were originally sent out via email to some friends of mine to gauge their reaction, then both the above pictures were posted to the fur.artwork.erotica newsgroups. I had some quite positive feedback from the group, including:

"YiffClass" is © 1997/1998 Terry Knight. All images are © Terry Knight or their respective artists, used with permission.

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