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For all the furry stuff that's best kept from the paws of cubs and kittens.

After a hard day's work, a furry's thoughts turn to... things that go "Yiff!" in the night.


Well, you get the idea - I hope.


This page leads off to other pages that contains material suitable for Adults Only. In order to protect other users and myself, I have taken the following measures consistant with the principles of content classification:

  1. All pages with adult content are PICS-rated accordingly (PICS 1.0 for Safe Surf).
  2. Adult material is in a separate directory on this server in order to make it easier for people to block the bits they don't want(Amended, all files are in one directory to confuse any would-be user that gets ahold of the directory)
  3. All sexual content herein will be consistant with generally legal sexual acts - in other words, Good Old Fashioned Sex between consenting adults (which may or may not be human, but will definitely be sentient). If you're looking for anything else, bugger off. You won't find it here.


By selecting the links to the adult stories and pictures, you:

  1. hereby absolve the owner of these webpages (Terry Knight) and the server provider (FurNation Reborn) from any legal liability for what you encounter. If anything you see here causes you offence, you've been warned.
  2. agree not to pass on or make available to minors (the definition of minors for here being those under the age of 18) any adult content found on this site.

As for why I draw some of this stuff, and other aspects, click here.

If you are under 18 years old, access these pages and get into trouble - well, in the immortal words of Lance Rund:

"It's the Fed's job to shoot you, not mine."

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I'm over 18 years old, and want to read the Adult stories.

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