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Timothy Rea is the name and RL creator of Jurann Foxtail, and the real fox behind the name.

Here are some RL pics of the mastermind behind the plot to fuzzle the world, both old and new. Lotsa furs think I'm foxy, but I'll let all you furs be the judge of that.

I don't care for these first two pics since they're over 4 years old and were pics done for my original High School Graduation, which never happened due to overseas complications. More about that down in the nitty gritty text below.

Back in my conservative days.

Relaxing, like I love to do...

These next four pics are from my trip to London, Ontario, Canada to meet Rhodin who is from far away St. John's, Newfoundland. This was back in, ohhhh... Spring of 1996. We had a good time, drank a few beers, talked, hung around the big city all day, and eventually went home at night.
Me and Rhodin on a rock in a park in downtown London.
Rhodin and I sitting on a big rock in som bushes in another little park in London.
Watch that beer consumption, it can cause odd little things to happen, like the spontaneous sprouting of foxtails and the like. ;) (Not to mention the rosy cheeks...)
A good laugh, a sunny day, and me sitting in a bench on a busy London street. Looks like it came right from a textbook, hope it never actually winds up in one.

This next series of pics is from the summer of 1996 when Four-eyes came up to Michigan to visit while I still lived with my mom. It was a fun summer travelling all over eastern North America to meet furs and weres!
A corner of my room back in Michigan, working on Furry Grand Central. (Yes, I am an anime fan, shhhh... ;)
A good portion of my Dragon Ball Z collection. I'm a huge fan of Akira Toriyama, and have more DBZ stuff than I have time to check it all out.
Trunks from DragonBallZ. He's gorgeous, and knows how to rough-up the bad guys. This wall scroll looks REALLY cool in blacklight, too.
Ahhh... Michigan beauty. Taken at Kensington Metropark, one of my favorite places to go to get away from it all, except nature, that is.
Not even fresh spring geese can resist the Freshmaker!
Do not deny that fresh goes better!

Mentos fresh and full of life!

Coons?! We don't need no stinkin' coons!

But they're SOOOO cute and I photographed them, so there they are.

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The Exploits of Timothy Rea!

What a life! My biggest question is, where do I start. I'll just go back as far as I can think... Which would most likely be my childhood, or what little I had of one.

I was born and raised in Brighton, Michigan by a loving yet somewhat twisted family. My mother used to be a seamstress and church leader, my father a meteorologist and church leader. Pick up the theme here... Then they both got sidetracked when married, and my mother became a full-time babysitter of my older siblings, while trying to deal with the pregnancy of my only two true brothers. My dad needed work, and meteorology wasn't exactly in high demand, so he wound up being a timekeeper at a factory. This is all before I was born. I have 7 older siblings, 4 sisters (Oldest adopted, next three all half sisters on my father's side), and 3 brothers (Oldest half brother on my father's side, next two true brothers.) Back in this time, my parents lived in the suburbs of Detroit, which have turned out to be such a wonderfully loving community in these modern times. It's not too often you get to shoot your neighbor, so they take full advantage of such oppurtunities.

Well, my mom was on the pill, and she accidentally forgot to take it one day, thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. Wrong. Mom and dad had some fun that night, and that's when I accidentally came along. Here's where my story begins.

When my mom became pregnant with me, my parents decided Detroit was getting a little too rough, and packed up to move to Brighton, a small, peaceful community on the outskirts of the Detroit Metro area. So, here I was born, back when Brighton truly was small and peaceful. Now it's become a haven for chainstores, strip malls, and rich snobs. Anyway, due to the move, my dad started looking for new careers to exploit, took a test, and found he'd be good at sales. Eeewww. Since Brighton has always been a growing community, he decided to try his hand in Real Estate. He did very well indeed, showed great promise, and within 3 years was on the most prestigious Board of Realtors in the area. Meanwhile, mom still was raising all us heathens.

( A brief outline of my RL siblings and some MINOR and VAGUE information about them and their families has been removed from this position due to their TOTAL lack of humor and a paranoia that freaks will come out of the woodwork and harass them. In other words, my family doesn't like my internet lifestyle, and would rather have nothing to do with it. Bleah! )

More to come...

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