Work Resume

Timothy Rea
(March 1, 1997)

- Vital Statistics -

Full Name Timothy Rea (Surname removed for protection.)
Birthdate Dec. 12th, 1975
Address 2236 Liverpool Lane #4, Louisville, KY 40208
Phone (502)-473-0143 (Foxtail Computers)

- Education -

Elementary Hawkins Elementary School, Brighton, MI
Lindbom Elementary School, Brighton, MI
Secondary Scranton Middle School, Brighton, MI
Primary Brighton High School, Brighton, MI
Howell High School, Howell, MI
Vocational Hartland High School, Hartland, MI
College Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

- Skills -

Basic Skills:

Advanced Skills:

Current Objectives:

I am currently studying UNIX-based Operating Systems using Linux and BSD on my home computers. I am currently running a 3-system LAN using TCP/IP with Win95, Workgroups, and Linux. I hope to tie my LAN into the internet with ISDN lines sometime in the future. I am also studying scripting and Perl programming under the Linux/BSD environment, with emphasis on CGI programming. One of my hobby projects is currently on the internet in the form of a series of webpages called Furry Grand Central located at Also, I have a copy of this resume in HTML 3.0 format that you're reading now.

- Previous Employment -

Burns International Security Services

Employed 8-94 to 3-95
Title Site Supervisor / Sergeant of Woodbridge Corp. Site, Whitmore Lake, MI
Supervisor Eric Brooks - Client Service Manager
Location 25900 Greenfield Rd., Ste. 144 Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone (810)-968-2600
FAX (810)-968-7122
Duties Access Control Security, Switchboard Operation, Night Receptionist, Scheduling Employees, Faxing Paychecks, Client Relations
Termination Was offered a better position with Smith Security Corp.

Smith Security Corporation

Employed 3-95 to 6-95
Title Assistant Supervisor of Hayes Western Wheel Site, Howell, MI
Supervisor Mark Holthus - Customer Service Manager
Location 575 E. Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI 48083-1397
Phone (810)-689-2000
Duties Access Control Security, Switchboard Operation, Driver Assistance, Light Clerical, Patrol Security
Termination Was offered Supervisor position, did not receive said position. Site Supervisor was abusive to myself and other guards. Had to work in a smoking environment. Pay was always late or incorrect.

CompuSource Computers, Inc.

Employed 8-95 to 12-95
Title Computer Technician/Programmer
Supervisor Andrew Eckman - President
Location 715 W. Grand River Ave., Brighton, MI 48116
Phone (810)-227-1500
Duties Diagnostics, Repair, Installation, Upgrades, Configuration, Network Cabling and Programming
Termination Small company could no longer afford a technician and asked me to leave.

Aloe's On-Site Computer Service

Employed 1-96 to 7-96
Title Computer Technician/Programmer/Consultant
Supervisor Sole Proprietor (Self-Employed)
Location 195 Kissane Ave., Brighton, MI 48116
Phone (810)-220-8565
Duties Diagnostics, Repair, Installation, Upgrades, Configuration, Network Cabling, Programming, Consulting, On-site Service
Termination Moved to Louisville for better job oppurtunities/personal reasons.

Uptech Computer

Employed 10-96 to 12-96
Title Computer Technician / Salesperson
Supervisor Charles Jyang (Store Owner)
Location 2128 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., Louisville, KY
Phone (502)-xxx-xxxx
Duties Diagnostics, Repair, Upgrades, Configuration, Network Cabling
Termination Company would not grant holiday time, pay was low for position.

Jefferson County Clerk's Office

Employed 3-97 to Present
Title Network Engineer / Systems Operator
Supervisor Shawn Merrick (Technical Services)
Location County Courthouse (Jefferson and Sixth), Louisville, KY
Phone (502)-xxx-xxxx
Duties Network Implementation, Troubleshooting and Repair, AS/400 Operation

Additional Experience:

Spent two summers in Taiwan teaching English to children and young adults. Learned to speak casual Chinese Mandarin while there, lived with family and friends. Most recent trip (summer '94), lived and worked on my own, teaching classes in central Taiwan 30-40 hours a week. Currently Sole Proprietor of Foxtail Computers in Louisville where I build, upgrade, repair, and install computers, phone jacks, networks and software on a part-time basis.

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