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This page has changed! Instead of splitting my works into two areas based on time/name, I've split them into art and writings by one author, freeing this space to talk about my creations and adventures on the MU*s! This page is mainly about the places and things I've built and done out in the worlds of furry MUCKs and MUSHes... So come along and find out where I am and what I do in those worlds!

Worlds of Fur

- Tapestries -


Tapestries is a rather large, furry-only MUCK (currently over 1,600 characters) that supports as many as 75 players connected at any given time. It's an adult, yiff-based MUCK, a place to feel free to explore your desires and interests, no matter what they may be. Thusly, the entire public portion of the MUCK is a massive 'public play area', for use by any and all individuals for just about anything they see fit as long as it's within policy. It's the MUCK where I first met Four-eyes (my ex) and G'razel (my current mate.) It's a growing MUCK, though building is generally controlled by the wizcore and helpstaff, of which I am a part of. Come on by and relax fur a while...

My Den

The Edge

Temple of the Sky

- FurryMUCK -


FM has something of an upbeat urbanian theme to it, modern and vast with interests and possibilities. So I play an intellectual and upbeat male bisexual fox there, free to explore and have adventures in a vast variety of forms and situations. I'm also more of a psionicist on FurryMUCK than anywhere else, needing the extra power as an excuse for doing things out of the ordinary and things normally not possible. There are limits to my powers, but they are few and far between as I learn quickly and adapt to new environs and situations.


I make my home in the Fox Dens just off of the Fox Nexus, which lies (oddly enough) just off of the Underground Nexus. There are many apartments there, mine being a semi-gothic transition into and earthen-looking den. The living room is large and offers a spartan comfort all it's own, great fur parties. I also have a kitchen, bathroom, cozy bedroom and closet in my comfy little place. Just a peacefully free place to relax and invite company.

Garden of Eden

Ahhh, the Garden of Eden, my curious little oyster. It's a tropical garden of exotic pleasures and explorations, but has a dark, sinister twist to it. Currently under construction, it's waiting fur a public teleport or taxi destination and the completion of rooms' descriptions and actions.

Xanadu Night Club

Another new night club about to hit the scene, mainly to allow gay, bi and lesbian furs to get together and talk about current issues and lifestyles. Still under construction and linked to the Garden of Eden in an abstract way.

Gallery of Yiff

The Gallery of Yiff is a project that never got completed, but remains as an extension of the Garden of Eden currently being worked on. One day the Gallery of Yiff will portray some of the best furry pics by all the popular artists.

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