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This page is a list of my past and upcoming furry travels around the world. It's mainly fur me to keep track of where I've gone and when, but though some of you might like to know how much I get around and meet other furs. If I may be coming to your area, please drop me an e-mail if you'd like to meet up with me or the rest of the furs I'll be visiting! I'm mainly based in Louisville, KY so it's where I usually start my travels and I almost always drive my car everywhere. I had about 8 months of trips not listed here as what's here only covers events from the time I started this page.

Travels of the Past

November 1+2 - Cinti Gay/Bi/Lesbian Halloween Party - Cincinatti, Ohio

Had a good time timewarping and talking to new and interesting people and furs.

November 14-18 - ConFurence East 2 - Cleveland, Ohio

Came, saw, was humiliated by Trish Ny. Had a good time, could have been better.

December 12-15 - Birthday Partying! - Louisville, Kentucky

Swingin the 21 year-old thing around town late at nights! Had a great party thanks to my furry friends that came, spent lotsa money on drinks and cover fees to bars and clubs.

December 20+21 - Lycanthrope's Den - Toledo, Ohio

Spent some quality time with a quality wolf. *wink*

December 21-27 - Home Fur the Holidays - Brighton, Michigan

Went home to hang with furry friends and family - was really sick the whole time. =P

December 27-30 - Back to the Lycanthrope's Den - Toledo, Ohio

Hung out with Lupinous, Tirran, Torrle and Loupiotte while waiting to go to Toronto.

December 31 to January 2 - New Year's Partying! - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MAJOR furry New Year's party in Toronto, over 40 furs showed up! Mainly played games on the Nintendo 64 that Cargo rented.

January 2 - CRASH! - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Lupinous accidentally rolled Loupiotte's Explorer at 70 mph in Windsor. Went to the hospital with Lup, Loup, and Galen to recover. We all survived thanks to seat belts. Buckle up!

January 2-4 - Recovering from the Crash - Toledo, Ohio

Hung out with the Smash party and recouped.

January 4 - My CAR died! - Bowling Green, Ohio

Yep. My '85 Cavalier bit the dust. She worked long and hard, bless her soul. Got a ride home from 4 friends, each one taking me about an hour and a half relay, thanks all.

January 7 - *Bells Ring* - Louisville, Kentucky

Asked G'razel to be my mate, and he accepted! We've been living together since CFE2. =)

January 9-14 - Back to the Lycanthrope's Den AGAIN! - Toledo, Ohio

Worked on an old Delta 88 Royale with Lupinous and Ricochet in sub-zero cold with no luck. Took the Greyhound back home. =P

February - (seemingly) Non-stop February - Louisville, KY

Depression, strife, anger, rabid conflict. February was slow, long, and hard, no job, no car, no life.

March 15 - A New Beginning! - Louisville, KY

G'razel and I moved into our very own apartment from Four-eyes' place, it's now 'home'.

March 17 - St. Patty's Day - Louisville, KY

Started a new job at Jefferson County Clerk's Office as a temp. employee. Good pay, good environment, looks like a winner.

March 28 - Payday! - Louisville, KY

Ahhh, first paycheck in over 3 months! Joined the local Lasertag club and signed up for a league.

Upcoming Travels

March 29-30 - Easter Pony - Louisville, KY

Nexxus will be coming up to spend the night. I get a pony-boy fur Easter, he's not a bunny, but he'll do...

April 4-6 - Hercule visits - Louisville, KY

Hercule is coming up to Louisville to spend time with his friends and go to a toy collector's con here in town.

April 11-13 - Homeward bound! - Brighton, MI

Going back home to snarf my brother's car and mountain bike! This means I'll have WHEELS again! Yay!

April 18-20 - Weaseled! - Louisville, KY

Dweezil is coming up from North Carolina to see G'razel and I! We're gonna be WEASELED!

June 6-8 - Duckon 6 - Chicago, Illinois

One of the coolest sci-fi/furry cons in the world! Don't miss it! There will also be a meeting of Furnation and SFV there, should be a couple great parties!

July 3-6 - Albany AnthroCon (AAC) - Albany, New York

A new East Coast furry convention, looks like it'll be a real good one! I'll be riding up from Louisville via I-71 to Tollway 80/90. If ya need a lift, lemme know!

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