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Here's a list of my favorite music and a compilation of all the tapes and CDs I currently have. I love to listen to music, and most of the time I have a CD running while I'm online or otherwise working on my computers.

I love techno and remix sounds most, and good vocals are a must, but I generally listen to anything from pop, to soft rock, to heavy metal, to alternative. I also have a thing for good old folk music and classical...

The Favorites

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)

By far, what must be my very most favorite band, OMD rocks my world! They specialize in a raw mixture of techno and live instrumentals, plus great chorus, remix, and singing to create a smooth and complex blend of awesome sound! Performing everything from slow pop up to heavy rock, they lend a laid-back and relaxed tone to most of their music, and some of the lyrics go from serious to downright funny! Not at all popular by American standards, they have rocked Europe and beyond for over a decade and a half. Their only smash hit in the states was "If you leave, don't leave now" way back when, though they've had some smaller songs hit the charts here. I'd also say that this is the most furry music I've ever heard. I have most of their albums, though there are a few more I need. =)


Another techno-instrumental mix, A-ha is well-known for their ballads and love songs, as well as their more dynamic and moving pieces. While not too popular in American music circles, they've hit number one all over Europe on more than one occasion. Most well-known here in the States for their one-hit wonder "Take on me". I have nearly their entire collection, and would rate them second only to OMD.

Tears for Fears

Though their hay-day came and went in the mid-80's (like most of my fav bands), Tears for Fears remains one of my favorite bands for their sweet blending of techno and live instrumentals, plus their great vocals and lyrical talents. Much more well-known in the US than OMD and A-ha, they've come out with such hits as "Shout", "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "Woman in Chains", and "Sowing the Seeds of Love".


Here's a departure from my norm. Although I love my techno, there are some great Alternative bands out there, Soundgarden being my favorite. They use a blend of incredible guitar work and vocals that makes a truly unique and exotic sound. Their style ranges from mellow to hardcore rock, though they could never be considered too linear in their style as it's constantly evolving.

NIN (Nine-Inch Nails)

*The* hardcore techno band, Trent Reznor keeps coming up with more and more incredibly deep lyrics and sounds. Probably the most innovative and and ingenius techno composer of the 90's, NIN has my vote of support for the serious evolution of music.


Whether it's old or new, there's nothing quite like U2. Another band that's kept their style on the move, they have tried many things starting with raw rock back in the early 80's to punk, rhythem and blues, and now into a more modern progressive funk. Though I'm not crazy about the new image and style of U2, they are still a band worth mentioning if only for their achievements of the 80s.

Pink Floyd

Though they have still over 20 years never changed their "space music" style, Pink Floyd continues to produce wonderful and innovative tunes by recreating their own style in new eras. Usually deep in meaning, their lyrics and music convey very strong emotional moods.

The Collection

Hmmm... Wonder when I'll get ambitious enough to actually list the rest of my tapes and CDs...


The Pacific Age
Dazzle Ships
Junk Culture
Pandora's Box
The Best of Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark


East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Memorial Beach
Stay On These Roads
Hunting High and Low
Scoundrel Days
The Best of A-ha


Pretty Hate Machine
March of the Pigs
The Downward Spiral
Further Down the Spiral

Duran Duran

Planet Earth
Union of the Snake
Thank You
No Ordinary EP (EP)
Too Much Information (EP)
Decade: 10 Years of Durann Durann

King Missile

Mystical Shit
The Way to Salvation
Happy Hour
Fluting on the Hump


The Unforgettable Fire
Joshua Tree


Killer... On the Loose


Down on the Upside

Dream Academy

Remembrance Days
Different Kind of Weather

David Bowie

Fame and Fashion
Let's Dance

Stone Temple Pilots


Type O Negative (TO-)

October Rust

Pink Floyd

The Division Bell


Short Bus


I ain't movin'

Temple of the Dog


The Shamen

Axis Mutatis

Bryan Adams

So Far So Good



The Gone Jackals

Bone to Pick


Pop! 20 Hits

The Lyrics

Here are some of my favorite and furry related lyrics by some of my favorite bands. All songs will be credited to the author and lyricist who sung them on the noted album.

"Cry Wolf" performed by A-ha on "Scoundrel Days"
Written/sung by: Pal Waktaar

Night time in the city... I dreamt of a wolf... Yeah, a wolf...

"Scoundrel Days" performed by A-ha on "Scoundrel Days"
Written/sung by: Pal Waktaar


"Love and Violence" performed by OMD on "Junk Culture"
Written/sung by: OMD (Paul Humphreys and Andrew McCluskey)

She walks real slow, talks like an animal
What am I, supposed to do?
I've tried to explain, my heart's not a radio
I can't seem, to get to you...

Face to face, tears on a heart of stone
When she talks, I walk away
Seems to me, it's just a waste of time
These are words, I know she's heard before!

She's the girl, I guess I'll always know
And I've tried, but she always seems to know!

She walks real slow, like an animal
What am I, supposed to do?
Her bedroom talk, cuts like a razor blade
Every test, to put me through...

She doesn't talk, for days and days
When she does, she always says
That I act real slow, behave like an animal
What am I, supposed to do?!

And I've tried, but I just can't let her go...
And I've tried, but she always seems to know...
We don't make sense, love and violence...

"Women III" performed by OMD on "Crush"
Written/sung by: OMD (Paul Humphreys and Andrew McCluskey)

It took a lot of reasoning, before she got to pleasing him
She made a combination, of despair and inspiration
A mother and a mistress, a sister to her sisters
A child who hoped her dreams come true, but now she's only stuck with you...

At least she has a home to share, a man who comes to do her hair
A garden with a patio, a place to have a barbeque
The envy of her neighbors, who smile and wave and ask her
If they could live for just a day in luxury and ecstacy...

But it's a long way home, from where she's come
And it's a long way back, too much to ask...

The trash is in the garbage can, the mystery of Wonderland
One day she thinks of leaving him, the next she treats him like a king
She hears it on the radio, sees it on the video
She waits until the kids have grown, and then she thinks she'll start again...


Before she gave her friends a ring, she promised almost everything
They ran away to paradise, but everything will have it's price
From woman number one, to woman number two
Now she's woman number three, and she thinks that she is lucky...


From XYZ to Women III... (Repeat)

"Laid So Low" performed by Tears for Fears on "Tears Roll Down"
Written/sung by: Tears for Fears (Orzabal and Bascombe)

Chewed the bone down too low, got fed on tea and sympathy...
Blew the sail like the wind, I wish you were my enemy.
I was humble for you, what a fool I've been
To have laid so low, for so long (so long...)

Into that void of silence, where we cry without sound
Where tears roll down, where tears roll down.
And where your mother's violence, sent your soul underground
Where tears roll down, where tears roll down...

Drew the blade way too slow, was shackled by your honesty
Made a mess, I guess I should've known, that life was lust and liberty
Not a chance mutation or the last temptation
Could have laid so low for so long, so low...

Into that void of silence, where we cry without sound
Where tears roll down, where tears roll down.
And where your mother's violence, sent your soul underground
Where tears roll down, where tears roll down...

"Cold" performed by Tears for Fears on "Elemental"
Written/sung by: Tears for Fears (Roland Orzabal)

The coldest shoulder cast in metal, frozen to the bone
To rely on hook line and sinker, what sinker
Sinking like a stone, You'd be better off alone...
She saw me on the television, underneath the sun
Thought I was warm like a mother, lover, brother,
Brother, she was wrong, I don't long to belong...

Cold, been excommunicated cos I'm cold,
My temperature's been rated and I'm cold
Bring to me my big old sweater,
Nothing more will make me better

I met her on a Monday and my heart did nothing new,
Seems she thought of me as some mystic, fatalistic, mystical guru...
Me, I haven't got a clue
But floating on a magic carpet, high above the earth
You can see the world like a Buddha, bread and Buddha
Bigger than your hurt...
Don't you know that love is work

Cold, no heat on the horizon guess I'm cold,
And Capricorn is rising yes I'm cold
Listened to my old friend Nockles,
Hoped that it would warm the cockles...

You can't fight the fear you can't, this is the road you're on
You don't belong to me you don't belong to any one
Your reputation lies not in your eyes but those who dare
Will bite that hand that feeds when it don't meet your needs
When you got blood to bleed, you got a life to lead

( In the flood with my blood I can hold you... )


Cold, no heat on the horizon guess I'm cold
There'll be no compromising - cold, cool, cold...

( Stone cold, stone cold... Cold, cold, cold... )

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