Jurann's Furry Friends!

Here's a list of my best furry friends, both on-line and those I've met IRL! Links have been added where applicable. If you're a friend, and your name's not on this list, let me know! Also, if you have a link not listed here, also send me E-mail to jurann@aye.net. Also, if there is too much or not enough info on your here, please let me know! The last thing I want is somefur mad that some fact is posted here, or another upset that something was left out! If you don't have a webpage yet, but would like your E-mail adress listed here, please let me know as well, and I'll put that in as part of your desc.


My current mate IRL, G'razel's a big, huggable lump of kittyfur. Tends to be rather queit, but usually has some good ideas and very good points locked away in his head. Tends to be very sweet and often quite mischievious... ;)


He's a beautiful white Pegasus-morph who's honest, caring, and really silly! He's a good friend and tends to get a little yiffy once in a while. He runs the FurNation webpages, as well as some others he'd rather not mention.


My ex-wolfmate on-line and IRL, Four-Eyes is a loving and wonderful companion who is kind, gentle, and very understanding. On top of these things, he is very intelligent and very vivacious like myself. He has the tendancy to be quite excitable and very yiffy. Four-Eyes likes to MUCK on Furry and Tapestries and IRC on Yiffnet.


Guppy is one silly kitty and a great artist. Very furry and cuddlable, Gup's a real sweetheart beneath all the silliness, and is a genuinely caring fur. Guppy is usually swamped under tons of pages and mail on Yiffnet and the MUCKs, so it's best not to disturb him... Guppy is well known for his spooge art, of which I now have a link to.


Che is a very cute, very yiffy fox that mainly spends his time in MUCKs and on Yiffnet IRC. I like Che a lot, and he can be very silly, especially IRL! He is sometimes called the Mentos boy, or freshness fox due to a funny happening at Duckon V recently. ;) He also runs a few channels on other IRC networks at present, see his homepage for more info on that. Oh, did I mention he's cute? =)


Rhodin is a very kind and often queit Welf (tm) who can be found on Yiffnet. A Welf is half wolf, half Elf, if you were not aware of that. He's a nice fur to hang around with both IRL and VR. He is one of the St Johns, Newfoundland furs.


Reweth is an aspiring musician and half-Pernese dragon who also hails from St Johns, Newfoundland. Reweth can be found on Yiffnet IRC, and is very interesting and always a pleasure to chat with. He's a true friend, and true to the cause.


One of the great furs I met at Duckon V, Aslan is a really cute, really yiffy lion! He can be found on FurryMUCK where he likes to spend time with his furmate, Furlup. Hopefully he'll be coming to Yiffnet soon, and joining in the fun there!


Kaylan is a large, dark, peaceful coyote morph who is very kind and witty. He has a gentle paw, and a soft and true heart. Kaylan can be found on FurryMUCK, and is another fur I met at Duckon V.

Ian Duvall

My horseybro! Ian's one of my best furry friends online, and is a massive zebra morph! A war-hardened assassin, he's retired to Yiffnet and the MUCKs to enjoy a little R+R. Hiz English iz a lidl awd, but yewl have to excuse him, itz hard to lern English from old westerns... =)







A wonderful fur to know, Van is a very applaudable gargoyle. He is a great and upcoming artist in the science fiction and furry genres, and is quite friendly.


Another true friend in need, though quite indeed, MS is willing to help anywere he can. Yes, were. MoonShadow is a werewolf and spens most of his time on AHWW and were chat. He lives here in Louisville near my mate and I.


Big, strong, kind, words that come to mind when I think of Snowolf. He's a real sweetey and can be found at furry cons, casinos, and FurryMUCK.


The iron-pumping anthro she-wolf of FurryMUCK, Azrei also runs the RL A/O Counselling Center on FurryMUCK, where you can go if you need help. She's a friend when you need one, even when you don't need one.

Al Mackey

Al Mackey is a real fun fur to be with. Not only does he look funny (most toon skunks do), but he's hilarious with his quick and witty humor. You can find him primarily on Yiffnet, though he's at a lot of cons due to his art.


A great big and extraordinarily handsome cheetahmorph, Terry's brains are actually bigger than his braun. Terry runs the #meadow channel on Yiffnet and wrote the channelbot Tink for it.

Mathue Taxion

He's a huggable Illiop. If you don't know what an Illiop is, see his page fur all kindsa detailed infurmation!

Virtual Vikki

The official female combustivoop of Yiffnet IRC, Vikki's got the hots! She designs some very incredible 3-D pictures and scenes that you may wanna check out at her page. She's a good friend, and loves intelligent conversations, she's often selling shirts and posters and the like.

Sarah Blackmane

Yeow! This is one hot two-headed hermaphrodite wolf! But beware, two heads are better than one, and she knows it. She can be found mainly on Yiffnet IRC, but is occasionally on FurryMUCK. Sarah is officially the original hermaphrodite of Yiffnet IRC.


Chip is a fair and just wizard of FurryMUCK, doing his duty and dealing his mettle with a fair and gentle hand. He's a pleasure to know, and loves truffles, so if you run into him, by all means offer him one.




Crim is a lithe and intelligent ferret. He thinks quick, and thinks big. He also has two cute little ferrets that live with him in Chicago. You can find him on FurryMUCK and Furtoonia frequently, and often times at furry cons.


Otherwise known as Frank Gembeck, Jr., Criss is an amazing artist and lovable fur. He's currently dealing with many card game designers on doing art with them, and also tours cons selling his other pieces and furry prints. You can find him mainly on FurryMUCK.


Large, stoic, just and kind, Tigerwolf is the operator of one of the largest furry resources available, Tiger Den. It's home to TigerMUCK, the Tiger Den artists pages and much much more. Tigerwolf can be found on FurryMUCK and TigerMUCK regularly.



Fenris wolf hails from far away Helsinki, Finland. He just came to visit us here in the Cincinatti area last June, where we went to the zoo together. He tends to be very queit, but can be found on almost all furry/were services.




Who doesn't know Furlup? I hate to have to admit it, but he must be the yiffiest fur of all furridom, but is well-versed in it, and a real popular pal. You can find him primarily on FurryMUCK.




Another anthro red fox, Spook loves to RP both on-line and IRL. I used to live near him, though we never found time to get together and hang out. He loves to play RPGs and BattleTech.


Da Dolphin! He's smart, witty, and very thoughtful, all in all a friendly and polite fur. He's studying pre-med in Memphis at the moment, and is a lot of fun to spend time with when he's on time. ;)


Kes is a cute little raccoon that resides on Yiffnet where she chitters with her friends and loved ones when she's not at school. She likes to hug and poke around at others, and is quite pleasurable.


A big, cute prismatic kitty, Xao is unpredictable but gentle. He loves everyone and everything, and is easy to get along with.

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