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Here's my Duckon 5 conbadge, kinda skimped by using Four-eyes' Photo PC camera, but I will have it professionally scanned some day... It was drawn by Frank Gembeck, Jr. and is an excellent character drawing of Jurann. If you look closely, it even looks like me IRL. You're the best, Frank!

Al Mackey was comissioned for this piece, which was my CF East 1996 conbadge. It was drawn totally on his Amiga computer in 800x600 resolution, I got the chance to watch him work at CF East on some other pieces, and his style is truly one of a kind.

While the name Jurann Foxtail is relatively new to the fandom (comparatively), I just got actively involved in the internet fandom in February of '96, I'm nothing new to anthropomorphics. Ever since I was old enough to know the difference between man and animals, I always liked animals more and wanted to be one myself. But why stop there, why not gain the added benefits of wanting to be morphic and retain the advantages of human traits? I've been actively involved in anthropomorphics for many years, in it's study, in it's practice (through art, writing, and role-playing), and now in it's highest level. The VR roleplay and interaction as a furry anthro is the best current extension of exploring this dream. Sometimes I also run live discussions on Yiffnet IRC about anthropomorphics and the possibility of making the dream come true.

While it is sometimes difficult for some (including myself) to either seperate VR from RL in their furry lives, or integrate it completely, I have chosen the latter and found it works quite well with my needs and living. Jurann is basically me in every way mentally, but physiologically different online. When you talk to Jurann, you are talking to me, and when Jurann speaks, it's me talking. In other words, there is no player or character, Jurann is the physical mask through which I exist online. You may wish to dig into the topic of spiritual therianthropy for more details on this concept, I'm no expert and it still hasn't been fully explained to me in either simple nor agreeable terms.

I am currently very heavily involved in the online furry fandom in many ways, on IRC, on MUCKs, Webpages, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups and more. I'm also an aspiring furry artist and science fiction writer among many, many other things. Yiffnet IRC is my main hangout for live and lag-free interactive chatting and a little RP, there are many furs who go there and nowhere else and can only be contacted or known about through contact with them there. MUCKs are where I go to kick back and play around. Most online furs also do the same and crowd into the dozens of furry-based or furry-friendly MUCKs and MUDs out there. Webpages are great primary resources for learning and keeping up with the times and finding new furs to either meet IRL or look out for online. (You're on one now... =) As far as mailing lists, there are dozens out there in many different formats. They are obscure and often very hard to find, so there's no real resource I can offer at the present, but if you run one or are on one, please contact me to post info about it here!

Enough about me fur now...


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