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Well, looks like I'm finally moved in, and here to stay. I've made some massive updates recently, including moving all my art over here, and a great deal of my poetry. There are now all sorts of RL pics of me in my personal (Timothy Rea) homepage. Be sure to take a good hard look around, Zen has tought me HTML 3.0 well. Hope ya have at least an 800x600x256 resolution, otherwise these pages will suck. Feel free to take a look around and mail me at if you please. Thanks fur stopping by!

Furry Grand Central is currently being updated and transferred here to FurNation! It can now be accessed at: - Please make note of the new location and spread the word, the site is no longer valid.

On this site, you can expect to see the latest art and writings by Jurann at Foxtail Computers, plus the writings and wetworks of the same netfox. Stay tuned, I'm still building, it's just a matter of time!

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