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Artist for hire!

I'm now taking commissions again. Note that I've updated the conditions, so read this carefully.
Here is the procedure:

  1. You email me at e92_anh@e.kth.se and we agree on what I should draw.
  2. You send the payment.
  3. I draw your request and send it to you.
    (Be aware that it might take me several months.)

Simple enough? Here are the particulars:

Techniques: Ink and/or watercolor on paper. Computer coloring.

Watercolored originals: I don't sell the originals to the watercolored drawings. Thus, if you commission a watercolored drawing from me, I will send you a color copy of the watercolored original. I do, however, sell originals to black/white inked commissions.

Commission prices are:
  • $25 for a COPY of a black/white inked, or pencil drawing of one or two characters.
  • $35 for an ORIGINAL black/white inked, or pencil drawing of one or two characters.
  • $30 for a COPY of a watercolored drawing of one or two characters.

Postage is included in all cases. If your request doesn't fit any of the above alternatives, like for example if you want me to computer-color a drawing, you are welcome to email me with suggestions.

This is what you get:

  1. Depending on what you ordered, you will get either the original b/w drawing or a b/w xerox copy of it. Or, in the case of a watercolored drawing, you will get a high quality color xerox copy on thick paper.
  2. A scan of the image which you may put on e.g. your home page.

Payment: Do *NOT* use checks or money orders!
I won't accept them since it costs me an arm and a tail to cash in foreign checks. I suggest bills in the currency of your choice, properly masked off inside an envelope...

Thank you.

Here is my address.