I'm going to be a while working on my new website for the new year. But when it gets done, I hope that you will all be here to enjoy it!

For now, here are some of the things to be featured here when it finally is ready for the World Wide Web! :)

In the meantime, my current art samples are available for viewing at the Yerf.Com art archive. Go to http://www.yerf.com/petematt/last.htm to see them. Please be sure to read my Copyright Section regarding my artwork and other creations of mine. Also, be sure to check out some links to other artists as well as other various links. If you wish to chat with me, please send me e-mail at mp_greenwater@hotmail.com. I can't promise a swift respone, but I will respond nevertheless.

SPAMMERS need not send anything at all.

These web pages and the artwork on it is copyrighted ©1998-99 Matthew Peters. All Rights Reserved.
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