Original Drawings
by Ginger/J Willard


Bubble Magic: A slender white kitty juggling coloured orbs. Dunno why. [34K] Chi Jan: A female gryphon posing in a way suspiciously similar to this commission [52K] (sold at CF10)
Buns of Steel: Apollo, a low-ranking wolf from Wolf Park's main pack, defeats the ministrations of the pack's alpha female.[69K] (sold at CF10) Watch the Pointy End: Tooth fairies discuss Marion, a yearling female at Wolf Park who has lots of pointy bits and shares them generously. [68K] (for sale: matted 5 x 9, $20)
How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?: My favourite plushie, Billie D. Huskie, represented as a 'morph. [54K] Circular Logic: A pretty orange tabby kittycat, or possibly a small tigger, contemplates her next move. [59K] (sold)
County Fair: A random fox, a random dog, and a random plushie -- all male, where applicable -- having fun at a random county fair. [46K] (sold) Wonderland: A 'morphic fox and his son, diving in the ocean, become enchanted by a funny-looking fish. [105K] (sold)
Hidden Weapon: This little skunk warrior looks harmless...but of course we all know he's hiding a nasty little weapon...phew. :) [58K] Sara II: A clone of another picture. This version features the cat as a calico, using Prismacolour markers. This is one reason I don't use markers. [39K] (sold)
The Lion and the Spam: A remake of a pic I drew in 1994 -- a photo shoot gone wrong. See the technique page for details. [87K] Harley: Harley, a female brown hyena, gives you a grin. Originally designed as Falstaff's little "sister". [57K] (sold)
"Harley" 1998 J Willard.
Jade Grin: A male lion, in green vest and black spandex pantlike objects, gives you one of "those" looks. [64K] Discipline: A copper/black horse'taur stallion catches a spotted upstart in mid-charge. The original had feet, but miscellaneous oopsies prevented aforementioned pedal extremities from ending up in the scanned picture. [90K]
Bunny!: Two wolves (no, honestly) who have just spotted a bunny running right past them! Just a cute li'l doodle for a friend :) [74K]

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