Commissioned Pieces
by Ginger@FurToonia

Jen: Jen, a very silly grey wolf, tries to remember the words to a famous wolf song. Jen knows who she is. [61K]
[Fury Katanis] [Tobien Cutter] [Sire and Cubbie] [Goldfur and Eudora]
Fury Katanis: A male grey wolf, showing off a little. [48K]
"Fury Katanis" ©1998 S. Martyak.
Tobien Cutter: A male grey mouse standing up for his rights. [39K]
"Tobien Cutter" ©1998 D. Dale.
Sire and Cubbie: Two male lions sharing a gently affectionate slurp. [104K]
"Sire" and "Cubbie" know who they are.
Goldfur and Eudora: Chakat Goldfur nursing her young daughter, Eudora Whitepaw, sired by Garrek the fox'taur (hence the pretty colour :). [46K]
"Chakat Goldfur", "Eudora Whitepaw", and the "Chakats" are ©1998 B. Doove.
[Torstein and Kate Pt 1] [Torstein and Kate Pt 2] [Todd and Jemy] [Nicodemus]
Torstein and Kate, Pt 1: Torstein, a male doberman, and Kate, a female collie, are thinking about entirely different missions. [97K]
"Torstein" and "Kate" are ©1998 their players.
Torstein and Kate, Pt 2: Torstein and Kate get on more of the same wavelength. A much naughtier picture concludes the series. [101K]
Todd and Jemy: Todd, a male fox, and Jemy, his raccoonish adopted son, taking a to speak...:) [109K]
"Todd" ©1998 C. Fox; "Jemy" ©1998 player.
Nicodemus: Nicodemus, a minotaur, contemplates the best thing of all -- friends. [100K]
"Nicodemus" ©1998 T. Rosales; "Kyllistin" ©1998 J. Quinn; "Kumba" ©1998 A. Taylor.
[Nightmare] [Poit!] [Sage and Tanar] [Sara]
Nightmare: Nakira, a male lion, caught in the middle of a dream sequence. The cub he is holding is himself, the blast a spaceship crashing -- though he doesn't know that yet. [121K]
"Nakira" ©1998 P. Simon.
Poit!: Simtra, a young red/arctic fox cross, attempts to combine music and magic. Maybe next time... [101K]
"Simtra" ©1998 S. Johnson.
Sage and Tanar: Sage, a male deer 'morph, and Tanar, a morphic male collie, share a silly little moment together, being cute. [96K]
"Sage" ©1998 A. Kremer, aka "Snoooooogiepie" "Tanar" ©1998 C. Martin.
Sara: A young black-and-white female gypsy kitty, springing into the air. Think "Catmagic".... This image was copied in an experiment with Prismacolour markers. [42K]
"Sara" ©1998 W. Raven Coons, Jr.
[Kamots and Silvergrym] [Beacon] [Khri'pher] [Musketeer's Bow]
Kamots and Silvergrym: Kamots, a male Arctic wolf, and Silvergrym, a female black wolf/shade-gryphon, pause by the bank of a stream to enjoy each other's company and some (possibly) fine literature. [115K]
"Kamots Sawtooth" ©1998 F. Pyne; "T'Ashetar Silvergrym" ©1998 K. Beane.
Beacon: Trel'la, an ocelot hermaphrodite, and Faranus, an inexplicably blue ferret, cuddling under the constellation Orion. [80K]
"Trel'la" ©1998 R.A. Curtis; "Faranus" ©1998 M.I. Graham.
Khri'pher: Khri'pher, a white male marsupial lion (an extinct Australian critter), has a sudden thought while examining a patch of grass. [50K]
"Khri'pher" ©1998 his player.
Musketeer's Bow: Jacques d'Arome, a skunkish Musketeer, presents his most humble bow before the skunk lady Jeanne de Fragrance. [70K]
"Jacques d'Arome" and "Jeanne de Fragrance" ©1998 P. Morin.
[FireDragon] [Tickle 1] [Tickle Gestapo!] [Abakan: Just Plain Nuts]
FireDragon: FireDragon, a male red dragon (of the "fire" variety, of course), proudly holds up a sphere of flame. [38K]
"FireDragon" ©1998 A. Finney.
Tickle 1: Falstaff has been pounced! and is now being thoroughly entertained by his friends Stormwolf and Billie. [80K]
"Stormwolf" ©1998; C. Zawadzski; "Billie D. Huskie" and "Falstaff" ©1998 J. Willard.
Tickle Gestapo!: Falstaff exacts an amusing revenge for Tickle 1. [101K]
"Stormwolf" ©1998; C. Zawadzski; "Billie D. Huskie" and "Falstaff" ©1998 J. Willard.
Abakan: Just Plain Nuts: A terrible pun for a wonderful squirrel. This can't adequately express my deep appreciation for the personal favours, including the chocolate, but THANK YOU!!!! :) [96K]
"Abakan" is proudly ©1998 R. Roth.
[Taylan/Tayla] [Kumba] [Caslean and Chitua] [Zugor]
Taylan/Tayla:Taylan and Tayla, a gender shifter, pose together in opposite sides of a completely gratuitious ying-yang. Taylan/Tayla is a springhare, a sort of cross between a rabbit and a kangaroo--looks like a very large and beautiful gerbil. Sort of. :) [76K]
"Taylan/Tayla" ©1997 W. Raven Coons Jr.
Kumba!: Kumba, a lovely male Rottweiler, in a studio pose with a dreamcatcher. [47K]
"Kumba" ©1997 A. Taylor.
Seeing the Light: Caslean, a red fox femme, and Chitua, a tawny male fennec, ponder the vagaries and intricacies of their modern existence as represented by a small blue lava lamp. [60K]
"Caslean" ©1996 M. Romanek; "Chitua"©1996 M. Carpenter.
Zugor the Necromancer: Zugor, a male grey wolf wearing brown shirt/pants and a black robe, glares smugly at you from beneath his hood, summoning the first ribbons of a spell on his outstretched fingers. [41K]
"Zugor" ©1997 S. Calica.

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