FurNation Reborn F.A.Q.

I've attempted to cover everything about everything but may have missed something.
If you have a question that isn't covered, ask it to logansryche@gmail.com.

Q: What is FurNation Reborn(FNR)?
A: FNR is an art archive for all art ever produced by artists in the Furry Fandom. This was how the site originally operated.
Q: Doesn't such a site already exist?
A: Both Yerf and VCL haven't updated their content in a long time. We're currently the only active art archive for the fandom.
Q: Wasn't this site run by Nexxus?
A: Nexxus created and ran FurNation from 1996-2002, when it was handed over to another person who continued it until 2015
then went offline alltogether. Nexxus does not currently participate in FNR.
Q: I remember a different version of FurNation...
A: After 2002 FurNation attempted to become a social networking site. You're probably thinking of that version.
Q: FurNation had alot of issues, what makes you think you can do better?
A: Overconfidence, it's in my DNA.
Q: I'm an artist and see my art on here but no one asked me
A: Before a site goes live I do an internet search for contact info, and either I wasn't able to find current info or my messages fell silent. Foxes aren't mind readers or we'd all be Wolves.
Q: I'm an artist, see my art on here, and would like to be removed
A: While that's unfortunate, send me a message over Discord(Logansryche#6209) so we can discuss it.
Q: I'm an artist and would like my art to be included.
A: That's always been the goal. Send me a message over Discord(Logansryche#6209) so we can discuss it.
Q: I'm not an artist but I like what you're doing, how can I help?
A: FurNation got it's popularity by word of mouth. I ask any/everyone to spread the word of what FNR is.
Q: I noticed the FurRing is hosted here, does it work?
A: Yep and webrings can be made on the fly ^_^ (take that Yahoo:P)
Q: I also noticed the Anthro Art Webring is hosted on here...
A: Yep and it fully works also ^_^
Q: What about the other areas brought over to FurNation?
A: Their on the todo list along with Yerf and VCL

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