Twisted Tails
~The Library~

I have been writing since I was 10 years old. Most of my stuff has been crap. Recently, I seem to have found my stride and am becoming quite happy with how my work is developing. You will note a variety of styles in these stories, and I hope you will e-mail me to let me know which you think work and which ones you think detract from the story. I never know ahead of time what I will write next. My stories often grow from the image of a single scene in my head, or even from the idea for a neat title. I am trying hard to put a good story behind the yiff without slowing things down to the point where folks have to do a quick page scroll to keep hand lotion flowing.

brer.txt - BR'ER NECCESSITIES: (M/M/M) This is a fun and very yiffy parody of the old Br'er Rabbit stories. Br'er Rabbit is finally caught by Br'er Fox and you won't believe what he does to get away. (I am currently writing the sequel. I also hope to include a link to the story by a friend that inspired this one.)
trespass.txt - THE TRESSPASSER: (M/M/violence) A younger wolf ignores the territorial markers of an older, lonely, bitter (and yiffy) wolf. He pays the consequences and the fur and spoo fly.
hunter.txt - HUNTER'S DAWN: (M/M/romance) I am very proud of this story and consider it to be the best thing I have written. It has almost no sexual content, but is a powerful m/m love story about two anthro cougars and about anyone who has ever been confused about what they are or afraid to share what they feel.