Twisted Tails
~Art Gallery~

I have been drawing for about 20 years but have no formal training. I greatly prefer monochromatic mediums (and because I am almost color blind it is a good thing for you.) I work a lot in pen and ink and with various graphite techniques. I am currently woking on two series of pictures: first, Anthros in Bondage - pen and ink very detailed, realistic, all male; second, Predator/Prey Relationships - graphite, realistic, non-anthro animals of different species, all male. You will also find portraits and cheesecake pictures I have done for friends - various media, some color, realistic to toony, all male (notice a trend here?)

Before I let you go, I need to thank my best friends in the whole world, Raika and Rolokoda, for their support and encouragement in getting me back into art. And to Snout for being the sweetest, stinkiest, most rotton and adorable folf on the planet *Bjork! Bjork!*

catball.jpg - (M/solo/non-explicit) An anthro snow leopard sits and plays with a ball of string. This is the first piece of anthro art I ever did that came close to being what I had envisioned. It was done as a birthday present for Rolokoda.
buffox.gif - (M/solo/non-explicit) An anthro fox stretches in front of a celtic knotwork medallion. The second anthro I did.
yoga.gif - (M/solo/explicit) STUDY HALL: A young anthro fox discovers a very helpful section of the library.
cuffcat.jpg - (M/solo/bondage) ANTHROS IN BONDAGE I: First in the bondage series. Pen and ink of a kitty showing off his new toys.
cufcat2.jpg - (M/solo/bondage) ANTHROS IN BONDAGE II: Same basic image as cuffcat, but different techniques create a darker image with a different feel. I thought both images deserved posting.
wwrep.jpg - (M/solo/bondage) ANTHROS IN BONDAGE III: White Wolf's Repose. A nude wolf languishes in a dark, stone cell... but doesn't seem to mind.
knockers.jpg - (KNOCKERS) I felt obligated to put at least one non-male picture in here. It is a drawing I did about 10 years ago, before I came out as gay.
hardroll.jpg - (M/solo/animal) A stallion *really* enjoys a roll in the spring sun.
compete.jpg - (M-M/animal/suggestive) A stallion and bull elk check out the competition.
ppr1.jpg - (M-M/animal/explicit) PREDATOR/PREY RELATIONSHIPS I: A polar bear is in the process of showing a seal what happens when you swim too slow. (This one was done as a present for a cute, little 'yote.)