Stories by Asikaa

Here are all of my stories that are currently publically available. You can also read about some of my influences in art and writing. Many of the following are true stories.

For more information on why some of these stories have been censored, click on any UNAVAILABLE work.

Charlotte - A young woman is saved by a mystical wolf. A strange story that has a pretty cheesy ending. For some reason I like it enough to put here.

A Muzzle Too Late (Version 1) - Dissatisfaction with the ending of "Charlotte" motivated me to write this, the sequel. This is the edited version.

Vacances Francais - Being stranded in the heart of the French countryside with no friends can be a good thing, especially when a beautiful Siberian Husky is in need of a home. Based on a true story. UNAVAILABLE

Desert Heat - Two wolves settle down for sunset, but as the heat goes out of the day, this pair are just warming up.

Life, Dogs and Nicki - A zoophile comes out to his girlfriend with some unexpected results. Based on a true story. UNAVAILABLE

The Hut - True zoo story of a very close encounter with a male wolf. UNAVAILABLE

Paddington Station - Another true story reflecting on an experience many zoos will recognize.

Priorities - Fantasy tale of how a woman comes to know that her most faithful lover has four legs and fur. UNAVAILABLE

Other Jottings

These are things I don't think are stories as such, but certainly warrant publication here.

Balance Of Power - This is an account of how a wolf might see his only enemy. A protest in prose.

The Hunt - A rewrite of an early scribble.