The Mythical Asikaa

There have been some interesting and often amusing things said about me in the past by various people that contain little or no truth at all. This page is to set the record straight.

Myth #1 - American?

Many people have mistaken me for an American. I'm not sure why, and it is not true. I am English. I do not even have any ancestors from the US.

Myth #2 - Cop?

One individual accused me in email of being part of an international sting operation organised by the FBI and Interpol. First he said I was a cop, then said I was a civilian systems consultant advising the authorities on how to entrap the Internet's "undesirables". Do I have to say it? Okay, this is not true.

Myth #3 - Megalomanic?

Ah, now this is a well-known classic. When I was a regular subscriber to a certain newsgroup, someone said I was power-hungry and wanted to take over the group and become it's "leader." Quite how someone can "lead" a newsgroup is beyond me, especially when it is an unmoderated public group. My only desire was to contribute a little, just like everyone else.

Myth #4 - Approaching middle-age?

A lot of people have put my age at between 26 and 34 years... This is mainly due to a mistake in a well-distributed document and the result of a little experiment on my part to show some people (under my wing, so to speak) the ease of disinformation on the Internet. I'd like to say now that I am 21 years old, and I apologise to anyone that was under any other impression.

Myth #5 - I am a tattooed exhibitionist

Okay, this one's true. :)