Latest Updates and Site History

May 8th 1997 - Compromise met with site admin that means my work will be available again soon. Page restructure begins.

May 7th 1997 - Various works on the art and stories pages are made unavailable due to complaints by other FurNation artists (thanks a lot guys). The site admin has requested that I censor my own pages, and I have no choice but to comply.

February 28th 1997 - Added both versions of "A Muzzle Too Late", the secord part in the "Charlotte" story.

February 27th 1997 - "Love on the Beach" (asi-011a.gif) and "Asikaa the Werewolf" (asi-012a.gif) added to the art page.

February 5th 1997 - "Loyalty" (asi-008a.gif), "Playtime?" (asi-009a.gif) and "Wolf Fantasies" (asi-010a.gif) added to art page.

January 22nd 1997 - New icons for accessing stories, art, and links added.

January 9th 1997 - 500+ hits already! Thanks all for checking in. Added a few external links, slight refinements to homepage layout.

December 11th 1996 - Page officially opened!

December 10th 1996 - HTMLized stories and linked them. Created "Commissions" page and "Artwork" page. Uploaded pictures. Put counter onto home page. Formatted art page (bodge job!)

December 6th 1996 - Created "About The Author" and "About The Site" pages. Stories page created and linked.

November 22nd 1996 - Initial warning page and main home page drafted. Local links drafted.

November 5th 1996 - Site created