I am available for commissions in both art and writing. This depends on my current workload. If I am too busy, then I will tell you so that you're not kept waiting for months for your commission to arrive.


I will endeavour to write short pieces to commission. Rates depend on the number of words in the piece, and its content:

FICTIONAL		 6 cents (US) per word

INTERPRETATION OF	10 cents (US) per word

FICTIONAL EROTICA	 8 cents (US) per word

INTERPRETATION OF	11 cents (US) per word


Art is only available in monochrome pencil on acid-free paper. Framing is an option. Rates start from:

		Framed		Non-framed

NON-EROTICA	$50 (US)	$35 (US)

EROTICA		$65 (US)	$50 (US)

Discounts may apply if permission is given to distribute scans of the original in the public domain. Packaging and shipping costs are not included in the above prices.

Please note that I will not undertake commissions if I feel that the suggested content is unsuitable, such as a drawing of a rape scene. Within the bounds of fiction, and if it is a necessary part of the storyline, consideration may be given to such matters.