Why the FurZone has been censored

May 7th 1997:

Apologies for the rough edges on this document, it was arranged in a hurry.

So, you may have noticed that certain works in my art and stories section have lost their links and instead you get this.

I you're like me, that would have annoyed you. So as I feel I have a duty to you, the person accessing my page, I will try to explain why this has happened.

Some of my pieces are furry, some are zoo. A very small proportion are neither. Some are both. Some people don't like it.

The site admin of FurNation has received some complaints from other FurNation artists, as well as some prospective inhabitants of the server. It seems that these people are anxious that because their work is on the same site as mine, their clients may percieve them to be zoo, whether or not their work contains any zoo reference.

So I have been asked to break the links to certain pieces. I have very little control over this situation, and believe me it was not something I did happily. I am sorry that you cannot access the things that you want to look at or read.

However, please check back regularly with the FurZone homepage, as I am working on getting a workable solution to this problem. Even if it is not here, all of my work will be available again.

Stay tuned, and thanks for all the support.