About The Author

Asikaa has been drawing for a number of years. He uses a Staedtler Technico 782 mechanical pencil with B and 2B leads on Goldline 200gsm acid-free paper. Recently he has started drawing to commission, although this is still a hobby.

His writing has become more prolific in recent years, with the result of him turning semi-professional in 1994. His early writing was somewhat unrefined, but in November 1994 a sub-editor working for a large publishing firm asked for a portfolio of short stories. This spurred Asikaa to write more and when the Internet entered the scene, his work became more widespread.

In effect, Asikaa's work has gone "underground" because of his controversial subject matter. As an active zoophile, he often relates past experiences through his writing. However, the Internet provides an open forum for even his most explicit work and fellow zoos can enjoy both his pictures and his writing here, at Asikaa's FurZone.

Asikaa can be found in many "virtual" places on the Internet. FurryMUCK is one of his favourite places, and so is Lintilla, a talker based in Sweden. There are many locations touched by his influence, as he has designed web pages for a number of companies, and is mentioned on many zoo sites.

He is an open-minded humourous person, with a desire to please and an intense curiosity. He can be stubborn at times but usually this is tempered by his logical mind. The best way to find out what Asikaa is really like is to get to know him yourself.

(by Braybis)