Asikaa's Artwork

Important note: Some artwork on this page is unavailable for download at the current time due to complaints from other FurNation artists. As opposed as I am to censorship, I am forced to remove the links to these pictures by the site admin. Please check back with the the main FurZone page as all my work will be available again soon, even if it is at another location. I apologize for this situation which is out of my control. --Asikaa

Thumbnail picasi-001a.gif - SOLD - "Pleasures of the Fur" - A werewolf strokes his husky to stiff attention with the aid of a nice warm paw...

Thumbnail picasi-002a.gif - "Deep Muzzle"- $65 - A werewolf's mate shows him the advantages of having a long, soft tongue and a deep wet muzzle as she sucks his length down her throat...

Thumbnail picasi-003a.gif - "Wolf Style" - $80 - As a young male werewolf enters his human mate from behind, the young woman realizes how lucky she is to have such a virile animal as her lover... UNAVAILABLE

Thumbnail picasi-004a.gif - "The Winner's Reward" - $70 - An Olympic hurdler weredog gets the gold, and her werewolf lover gives her his own reward.

Thumbnail picasi-005a.gif - "A Taste for Meat" - $45 - A male wolf licks his lips as he shows what's on offer.

Thumbnail picasi-006a.gif - "Smooth as Silk" - $35 - A female dog shivers with pleasure as her human lover slips inside. UNAVAILABLE

Thumbnail picasi-007a.gif - "Stargazer" - $45 - A portrait of a wolf.

Thumbnail picasi-008a.gif - "Loyalty" - $55 - The epitome of unwavering loyalty, a handsome black labrador.

Thumbnail picasi-009a.gif - "Playtime?" - $80 - A young German Shepherd is ready to play.

Thumbnail picasi-010a.gif - "Wolf Fantasies" - $60 - A scene from a female zoo's dream. UNAVAILABLE

Thumbnail picasi-011a.gif - "Love on the Beach" - SOLD - A woman takes her Golden Retriever out on the beach to play, and the couple make love between the sandy dunes.

Thumbnail picasi-012r.gif - "Asikaa the Werewolf" - NOT FOR SALE - A self-portrait of my character on FurryMUCK. A total replacement of the previous work.

More to come soon...

Please note that all prices are in US dollars and are subject to fluctuations in relation to the current exchange rate. These are base prices, unframed and excluding shipping costs. Please see the commissions page for more details.