About Asikaa's FurZone

These pages are home to my two creative outputs: My art and my writing. A large proportion of my creations are erotic in nature and therefore I required a site that is open-minded and accepting. I would like to thank the FurNation staff (especially Nexxus) for allowing me and my work to remain here.

As a lot of my work is based on zoosexuality, people often ask me for photographs of people engaging in sexual intercourse with non-human animals. Someone even asked me for pictures of myself in the act! I would like to make it known that I do not directly possess any such images, so don't bother asking me about it. If I know you well enough, some pictures of myself are not out of the question, but not with non-human animals because of course I would not dream of taking photos of myself with some gorgeous canine.

To any law enforcement officials reading this: My work is art, not pornography (at least, I think so). I do not intentionally break the law, and I do my utmost to prevent minors from accessing my work. I believe in the right to self-expression, and the responsibility of the individual to control what he/she sees. Please do not persecute me just because my persuasions may be different to yours. I hurt no-one, so please leave me be.

The pages have been constructed largely on a Sun Microsystems workstation, and the graphics produced on an Apple Macintosh PowerPC.