Christine K.'s Short 'n Sweet Intro Page!

Hiya Everybody!

I won't bore you with some long, drawn out personal history...but I will introduce myself a bit.

My Real Life name is Christine Klunder, and I fancy myself to be an artist. I am also trying to be a comic book writer, but more on that at a later time...Some of you may know me by my FurryMUCK, FurToonia, and Genie (formerly) character Zhora, a wolverine fem, aka the Wolverbabe.

You can blame my presence here on my fellow Beastie Boarders from the Genie Online Service. I've been drawing pretty much all my life, but had stopped for some years. Then, I was introduced to 'furry fandom' in a very genteel manner by participating in the aformentioned Beastie Board, becoming inspired to again pick up the pencil in the process. After a few embarrassingly terrible pictures which have since been buried, I improved exponentially, and here I am today.

How's that? :)

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