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9.20.2022 - Yep still here and kicking two years(almost three) after Jenn proposed the idea of bringing FurNation back online. Now for some news: both webrings are offline. Their code no longer works right and while FurRing is now using code from, it's still not how it use to be(the index of sites is backwards making entry 1 being the very last site), but it works for now. The Anthro Art webring is 100% offline till I can get this garbage sorted.
We've been online at the same address now for almost three years using AMS and while that's a cool feat, I'd love it for artists to actually use the space instead of it being just archived sites. I know it's easier to upload and forget art to FurAffinity, InkBunny, etc..
4.14.2022 - Afternoon folks, have some news! First and foremost: All artists from the 1997 snapshot are up finally. I'll more then likely add the artists from the other years but that'll be as it goes as the main priority was the 97 snapshot pages. Also the ad campaigning through CJ Junction has fallen through so the site will remain add-free. Also the site is very ready to accept current active artists and have been keeping my ears open. As before everyone will be granted unlimited image space but you'll have to build out the site yourself and i'm not worried about image content til it becomes a problem, just mark your NSFW stuff as NSFW. I won't be aroud April 25-29 as I'll be in Gatlinburg celebrating my 1yr anniversary with my g/f. Such a celebration may not seem important but it is to us ^_^ I think that's it.
3.31.2022 - Afternoon everyone. I'm working with CJ Junction to manually choose ads to appear in that spot at the bottom of the front page. The way those'll work is if you buy something through them, we'll get a percentage. Again this will be the only place on the entire site that has any sort of ads. My thinking right now is if the banners help take care of the site, any spillover can go to either supporting FNR artists or go into Second Life to restore some of the valley sims(I'd say the FurNation sims but Nexxus has his paws in those). That's it for now ^_^
3.26.2022 - Still here, stil going ^_^ Webmanager is now online for those that wish to take the plunge and build themselves out a website to host their art on. 2022's going to be a good year for FNR, I can feel it.
2.14.2022 - Morning folks. If anyone's tried to go to the site and saw that there was a error, the security certificate expired(I have to manually update it every 90 days), but has been taken care of. I have the next few days off of work so I'll be putting the files from the 1997 lump on the server for all to see.
1.24.2022 - Morning folks, how're we doing? I'm slowly getting over the flu and what better way then with a site update! After Lobo linked me to that Twitter convo, he also gave me his site files from that time period(because folks use to make backups of their stuff in case of failure - who'd've thunk). The frontpage ad banner has been changed so folks won't think their linking to LinkExchange(which has been gone since forever and a day) and the pop-up auto-closes after two seconds so the site is still credited with the click. As previously stated any/all funds that come from that banner go back into the site for stuff. Also working with a fellow member from discord to make the FurNation record more complete so that those artist pages can then go up(I recognise alot of names from some that've currently worked with Jenn and others who've passed away). There's also exciting things coming down the pike Discord wise and in the unfortunates of all things, any work I do on PlayMouse will be done on free time as I almost nearly burnt mysef out on that. I think that covers everything.
12.29.2021 - Due to unforseen events everything's come full stop for now. The FNR site is still up as is PlayMouse and will remain up but won't be touched until I get resituated. The jist of it is Dodge driver's wheel go brrr...
12.14.2021 - Just a quick note that i've stopped working on FNR for the moment so that I can restore PlayMouse(it was submitted to the Furry Restoration Group form). Once that's done, work on FNR will resume ^_^
12.11.2021 - Morning everyone, just a quick update that I've changed out the ad banner from Amazon to Propeller Ads(long story). Should work better in the long run. Just as before, all you have to do is click on the ad and close the window for it to count(I'm working on a way for the window to auto close when you click on it). Only side note is I don't have control over what type of content is shown so could be anything. Very cool with the unique views to the site though; Quantcast reports 617 as of this moment! Cheers!
12.9.2021 - Greets folks, been on break to take a breather from the site and do a few other things. That being said, welcome to everyone just coming in, happy to have you here! If anyone stays up with the ongoings of the site, you'll notice it's becoming Amazon-ish. Amazon offers alot of services and when it's something that we find useful, we'll use it. Most currently is the ad-banner on the front page. I've said it many times before and I'll say it again: That is the only place you'll see it. Whatever comes from the clicks of that banner will go to a fund, just not sure yet where I want that fund to be used. I'm going to implement a thing here that if after 30-days we're not able to get ahold of an artist, their archive goes live for all to see. We'll handle it on a per-case basis if they ask(or we'll be waiting forever for permissions). Nothing else new, that's all. Work on the other pages will resume next week sometime.
11.26.2021 - Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, I did. That said, MaeCheetah's art has been ported over from where I had it on Mieraheze, so that archive is now up as a Memoriam. While Mayfurr's page is fully archived, I have his page marked until I get his permission to display it. I might set a timer on this, like after X days make a page active as unable to contact owner or something(I wrote a FAQ to cover this exact situation). I think that's it for now ^_^
11.25.2021 - Happy Thanksgiving or whatever it is your celebrate on this day. I'll be sitting down with my folks on this special day but working on the rest of these artist pages in the meantime. ALSO as a suggestion I've color coded the artist buttons so everyone knows the different states of the pages(some I've found to be too corrupt to be saved. Wayback didn't bother). Once all pages have been updated, I'll pick an artist at random to backup on here until there aren't anymore left(with permission if avail of course).
11.18.2021 - Ginger's page is done, Greenwater's page is done, Hawse's page is done, Huskee's page is done, Jaz's page is done, J. Furlong's page is done, John's page is done, Jurann's page is done, K-9's page is done, and Heinonen's page is done. Marked Jurann's page until I hear back from him. Ginger gave me the go ahead and the other artists listed for this update either didn't get around to starting a site, the site became corupt, or something else happened.
11.14.2021 - HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE UPDATE! Site is now 4096-bit SSL secure and the Amazon shield is in place(not that any form data is entered anywhere shrugs). Got Brian's page done, Bucky's page done, Caribou's page done, Chipmunk's page done, and Dallas' page done. I previously had Bucky's permission to archive, and reached out to Caribou and she agreed as well. The site's even starting to receive unique traffic which is nice to see ^_^ Steps in the right direction.
11.12.2021 - I'm well aware of the fact the site is insecure as HTTP but currently unable to get Cloudfront to work so it's going to sit as is until I can(not that anyone enters login stuff here anyhow).
11.11.2021 - Tracey Palmer's page is done. Didn't realize she had that much art O.O You recall that black space between the FurRing buttons? An ad banner would have gone there to help pay for the site. Waiting for AdSense to finalize but that space will once again occupy an ad banner(will be the only spot on the site that has one). Also waiting on Quantcast to finish so that I can display site stats like the site use to back in the day. So much waiting >.<
11.10.2021 - Got the domain name up finally, just waiting on the SSL cert from Amazon to use HTTPS. Also did try to register as a redirect but Nexxus still has it, which is fine. May talk to him about it at some point.
11.6.2021 - Banwynn's page is done, Big_Drew's page done and so is Bobby's. I've marked Banwynn's and Bobby's page as orange while I continue to find these folks so I can ask em if I can include em here. Drew's page I dunno how to mark it so it's in red for now. I'll be adding Mae and Tracy's art as both passed away recently and their kin know their art will be here.
11.6.2021 - Logan's page is done, Asikaa's page is done(it's there for historics, nothing else), Athalia's page is done, and PandaJenn's page is done. Jenn's is a special case as it's linked to Wix. I normally wouldn't do that, but special circumstances.
11.4.2021 - Hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Since I live out in the boonies, no one trick-or-treats here, but both Walmart & McDonalds were packed.
11.1.2021 - Moved to Amazon for the protection and free year of service. Should go hand-in-hand with the FRG site that's up on Wix until I can get a domain going.
4.6.2021 - Added Mae Cheetah's art following her cancer loss
2.6.2021 - Added Tracey Palmer's art following her suicide
2.2.2021 - Moved FN to Mieraheze as a Wiki.
2.1.2021 - Through a Twitter conversation I found out Nexxus is semi-active and knows very much what we're trying to do, but I don't think he'll step in, waiting to see how it plays out.
1.12.2021 - Started working on Cobalt's art, moved over to BanWynn's page, then started researching wither Bobby's alive or not. Still inconclusive.
1.5.2021 - Wix's bloatware really wrecks havok with my laptop so think I'm going to make FN a wiki. Also a big fuck you to Shadow, FN's staying here in my name. In fact, I'm branding it as belonging to the Furry Restoration Group so owned by myself and PandaJenn.
1.1.2021 - Fur from AUS shut his business down due to COVID so moved FN to Wix.
12.6.2021 - After talking with Jenn we decided to brand FN as FurNation Reborn so in case Nexxus does decide to pop up and take FN, we can claim it isn't his place to do so. Am told he's known to do that from time to time.
12.5.2021 - Attempted to track down Nexxus to ask him about FurNation but all I got was a link to a dead Twitter account.
12.1.2020 - Was talking to PandaJenn about the different sites that've come and gone in the fandom when she came up with the idea to restore FurNation. Something to work on because of COVID.

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